Youtube band detect a mystery



Marcus pov

This has been exhilarating but finally it is our last song.The one that made this all.its all about you(tube).Mid way through the song something was thrown on stage.Alfie walked towards it to read it out assuming it was a letter from a fan.As he crouched down the microphone magnified the sound of Alfie being shot...

The curtain was being drawn as Alfie was rushed to an ambulance me and zoe close behind.The rest of the lads promised to come later as they were going to do a quick meet up and announcements with the fans to assure them he was being taken care of.As the ambulance soared through traffic my heart raced as Alfie's slowed down...

*authors note*

Dun dun dun! No i did not let Alfie be shot because I hate him he is my favourite.Comment wether you think he will survive or die in the comments.I hope this chapter was better than the first.Keep reading i will try and update every day or so*

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