Brooke Willow and Antonio have been best friends since they were six, and they've fount each other. Even though Antonio was a giant mutant turtle, Brooke and her grandparents didn't care. They raised him as their own. On the day Brooke graduated from high school, she was suppose to meet up with Antonio. She soon finds a turtle who she thought was Antonio who was actually Mikey, one out of four of the TMNT group. It's love at first site for Mikey. He tries to see her again. Once he does, he figures out he has another brother even though he already had a theory. But what if Brooke's past life with her mother and father is actually intertwined with all the turtles, and she figures out she isn't as different as. But what will happen when Mikey goes a little crazy from jealousy?


4. Brooke

" Hello?" I cracked open one of the doors.

" Hello, my name is April O'Neil," A beautiful women confronted me," I work at the Dailey News. We had an interview today, remember?"

" That's right," I sighed," I forgot about it. I'm sorry. I just woke up."

" That's alright," Her long curly hair made me jealous of her," things like this happen."

" Come in April," I told her," let me get us some coffee."

I lead her to the kitchen and Miss Medea instantly place down a cup of coffee for us both.

" What would you like to talk about?" I asked.

" How do you feel taking your grandparents responsibility for a business at such a young age?"

" It's a lot of work. But I think I'm handling it pretty good."

" Oh really?"

" Yes mame."

" I see. Well, how is the business?"

" It's great. The roses are blooming..."

That's when her phone started ringing.

" I'm so sorry," She apologized as she answered it," this is April O'Neil. Whos is this speaking?"


" Mikey! I don't have time for this! I'm in a very important interview with Miss Willow and..."

Another pause.

" Yes, that is her name. Brooke Willow. Why does that...."

That's when she looked at her phone as if signaling he hanged up on her.

" Who was that?" I asked," if you don't mind me asking."

" My friend who loves your roses," She told me.

" Oh, I see," I smiled," well if he wants too, he can come visit and see them."

" That won't be needed," She sat up," you gave me all I need. I hope you have a good day Miss Willow. Goodbye."

" Bye," I told her as Miss Medea led her back towards the double doors.

" Mikey," I said," that sounds familiar."

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