Brooke Willow and Antonio have been best friends since they were six, and they've fount each other. Even though Antonio was a giant mutant turtle, Brooke and her grandparents didn't care. They raised him as their own. On the day Brooke graduated from high school, she was suppose to meet up with Antonio. She soon finds a turtle who she thought was Antonio who was actually Mikey, one out of four of the TMNT group. It's love at first site for Mikey. He tries to see her again. Once he does, he figures out he has another brother even though he already had a theory. But what if Brooke's past life with her mother and father is actually intertwined with all the turtles, and she figures out she isn't as different as. But what will happen when Mikey goes a little crazy from jealousy?


5. April

It was 9:00 at night. I just entered the Ninja Turtles lair. I've been so busy I haven't been able to visit the past couple of days.

" Hey April," Leo saw her come in," what brought you here?"

" Mikey told me to come. He said he had something to tell me."

" Oh," Leo curiously looked towards Mikey's room.

And as if right on cue, Mikey popped his head out and smiled in my direction. He looked... terrible. It seems like he hasn't had that much sleep since that day he called me. His skin is paler than usual. Has he been eating?  And what's so important about Brooke Willow that he wants to talk to me about?

He waved me into his room. I did as he wanted.

" What did you want to tell me?" I asked.

He handed me a card. A library card exactly. It's Brooke's.

He then told me what happened between them that night.

" Mikey...." I looked at him," she might of thought you were a man in a suit...."

" At night?" He shook his head," and she's eighteen April. What would she be doing with a turtle suit man?"

" You never know on the streets of New York," I tried to convince him.

" She was calling me Antonio," He went on," that name is from a renaissance artist from the 16th century."

" You've been doing.... research?" I was completely shocked.

" Yes," He nodded his head.

" Mikey... I don't know what to tell you..."

" If you take me to her, I can show you."

" Mikey! That's insane! You can't make a public appearance like that!"

" I believe she knew who I was, and I believe there's another turtle."

" That's a big statement Mikey..."

" Please April... just... trust me."

I hesitated. He's really wrapped around this thought of a girl accepting him as well as I did. He looks so serious of this. Mikey's never serious. He somehow looks more mature also. Who is this turtle?

" We'll go tomorrow Mikey," I told him.

" Thank you so much April," He hugged me.

" You're welcome Mikey," I smiled," I hope you're right."

" I know I am," He smiled back.

I left Mikey's room frowning knowing he would be disappointed tomorrow.


It was midnight, and I was looking through any of my father's lab work or my videos when I was a kid to see there could be any proof of a fifth turtle.

" Nothing," I shook my head.

" Come to bed April," Casey was at her side," it's late."

I told him of Mikey's theory.

" There was only four turtles Casey," I shook my head.

" Maybe one was separated from the rest," He told me.

" Why would one be separated though?" I sighed," wouldn't it make more sense to keep them all together?"

" You never know April," He started rubbing my shoulders," please come to bed."

" Ok," I put down the files I was about to look through.

Casey grabbed me in his arms and put me into bed where I instantly fell asleep.



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