"The bad boy"



3. 2

Mins later

So i was walking to my class and i saw jovani i was trying not to show my feeling or happiness of how i felt about him so he walk me to class and surprising we had the same class i was happy my heart jump of happiness when he said he had the same class as me  well funny thing he said we have 4 out 6 classes together he said i said yay he laugh ah yeah the was so amazing.


Mia and Blake

So Mia and Blake really like each other everyone know except them which is really dumb cuz they are always flirting with each other  but yeah they are really cute together and i’m thinking about pushing them together and shit cuz i really want my best friend to be happy and Blake ugly ass too


Isabella and jc

So Isabella and jc are very close friends they have been friends since like kindergarten. Isabella really likes jc but he doesn't know that. But what she doesn’t know is that her best friends know that he likes her they have been keeping this secret from her since 8th grade.


Julian and Emma

Hello Emma would u like to go eat with me today after school well look Julian i would love to but i have so much homework maybe another day but thanks ohh ok yeah ur welcome uk we are good friends and u look really pretty today ohh thanks same for you look really good  oh well i got to go Emma wait can i at least have your number phone sure


3 hour later

Unknown: hello

Emma: hey who is this?

Unknown: lol sorry its me Julian

Emma: ohh hey Julian 😂

Julian: have u finished all ur hw

Emma: not yet i have to finish my English hw don't you have hw to do

Julian: yeah but i never do my hw😂😂

Emma: what how could u have better grades than me and u don't do hw that fucked up

Julian: ohh so u are trying to call me stupid

Emma: no i didn't mean it the way i’m sorry

Julian: lol its ok i was just playing around with u

Emma: ohh lol well gtg ttyl

Julian: ok illy💖😘

Emma: ily2 best friend 💖

Julian: i dont love u as a friend and uk it

Emma: well Julian i’m sorry but i only love u as a friend uk it im sorry bye

Julian: yeah ik im sorry bye best friend😔

Emma: ohh c’mon julian uk i like ur brother since 5th grade

Julian: oh yeah my ugly ass brother

Emma: but you look exactly like him

Julian: yh ik i hate tht

Emma: y i mean u are not ugly ik someone who likes u tho

Julian: ik im hot asf right jk 😂😂 who likes me?

Emma: i wont tell u is a secret

Julian: cmon plz

Emma: noooo stop asking or i won't text u anymore

Julian: ok W.e

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