Star Trek Endeavor: Superior Intellect

The Endeavor journey's deep into unexplored space to investigate what is causing a string of habitable planets to be destroyed, only for Ender to face his worst fears.


5. 5

Ender stated, “Captain’s log supplemental, the transfer of all the Talarian cruiser’s crew is almost completed and so far no incidents have occurred and the ship and the rest of the crew are now preparing to get underway.” Petra said, “Sir all stations report ready.” Ender replied, “Excellent commander.” Vars exclaimed, “Sir I have Commander Ther on the line!” Ender said, “On viewer.” The view screen showed Commander Ther and Ender said, “We read you commander, did you get them all?” Ther replied, “Yes Captain Wiggin, we appreciate the hospitality of taking core of them.  Both the leader of the Talarian Republic and Captain Kalar have expressed their gratitude.” Ender humbly replied, “No problem commander, it is Starfleet’s duty to help those in need.” Ther nodded and acknowledged, “Thank You captain and take care.” Ender replied, “You too commander.” The view screen switched to show the Talarian transport veering off and away from the Endeavor.  Ender closed his armrests and exclaimed, “All stations, prepare for Trans-warp drive!” Everyone on the bridge closed their armrests and sat back in their seats when Joachim said, “Trans-warp at your command sir.” Ender replied, “Ahead Trans...” Petra yelled as she leapt from her seat towards Joachim, “Belay that!” They all looked at Petra with surprised or startled expressions on their faces as Petra hit the button next to the Trans-warp display and the Trans-warp engines shut down.  Ender looked at Petra both anger and surprised and exclaimed, “Commander you better have a good...” Petra gasped, “I detected anti-matter particles hidden within the radiation of the Tarlatan cruiser’s warp engines and has surrounded the forward part of our nacelles and surrounded the impulse engines as well!  If we went to warp captain the ship would explode!”        


    There is silence in the bridge as everyone, including Ender, processed what Petra said when Nikolai’s voice came from Ender’s command chair, “Bridge, what’s going on up there?  Are we going to Trans-warp or not?” Ender pressed a button on his right armrest and exclaimed, “Mr. Delphiki, take the engines offline!  Commander Arkanian detected anti-matter surrounding the warp nacelles and impulse engines and I want them cleaned out!” Nikolai yelled, “Yes sir!” Ender turned to Petra and said, “Commander, is the radiation still surrounding our ship?” Petra looked at her scanner in her console and replied, “Negative sir. It blew away once the Talarian cruiser exploded.” Ender said, “Did you send the radiation readings to Mr. Delphiki?” Petra replied, “Yes sir.  He replied it will take approximately half an hour to clean out the radiation and we can go to Trans-warp.” Ender sighed, “Very well.” Petra then stood up as her relief arrived and entered the turbo lift before the doors closed.


    After half an hour a beep came from Ender’s command chair and he pressed a button on his right armrest and Nikolai spoke, “Captain, the engines are radiation free and you are good to go on Trans-warp whenever you are ready.” Ender replied, “Very well, all stations prepare for Trans-warp drive.” Everyone closed their armrests and assumed ready as Joachim called out, “Trans-warp at your command sir!” Ender replied, “Ahead Trans-warp 4.” The Endeavor then flew, leaving a blue and red light trail in its wake.  Once they are in Trans-warp Ender said, “Mr. Weiss, time to arrive at our destination?” Joachim looked at his console and replied, “Two hours sir.” Ender pushed back the armrests and stood up and said, “Mr. Weiss, you have the con.  Notify me and the commander when we are about to arrive.” Joachim replied, “Yes sir.” Ender entered the turbo lift and as soon as the doors closed Joachim breathed, “Lucky.”


    The door opened in Ender’s quarters and Ender walked in and as soon as the door closed behind him he heard a splashing sound coming from the bathroom.  He walked to the bathroom with a curious expression on his face and when he looked in he saw Petra washing herself in the tub and she took notice of him as she looked at him with a shocked expression and Ender smirked and said, “Hello.” Petra smiled warmly and said, “Do you have something in mind?” And she rested her chin on the tub’s edge with her hands as she stared at him attractively and Ender replied with satisfaction, “Yes I do.” And he slipped his boots off and entered the bathroom and got into the tub with his uniform still on as he faced her and Petra laughed, “Ender your uniform!” Ender replied, “I have more.” And he embraced her as they began kissing passionately.  


    Ender’s computer station beeped and Ender got out of bed and put on his uniform while Petra laid down in bed under the covers before Ender answered it, “Wiggin here.” Joachim’s face appeared on the monitor and he said, “Sir, we’ve detected two ships that were approaching us from where we are heading but they suddenly turned around and are now out of range.” Ender is alert and he said, “Are you able to identify them?” Joachim replied with a sign fear, “One of the ships we were able to identify is a Federation Dreadnought class.” Ender called out, “Sound general quarters!” Joachim yelled, “Yes sir!” He turned the monitor off just as the Red Alert klaxon alarm sounded and Petra jumped out of bed and hurriedly got dressed before they both ran out of Ender’s quarters and into the nearest turbo lift.  Ender pressed the button to the bridge and the turbo lift moved as Petra said with alarm, “Do you think Julian is on the other ship?” Ender replied, “No doubt.” The turbo lift stopped and the doors opened and they both stepped onto the bridge as Ender went straight to his chair as Petra assumed her station and Ender called out, “Did you regain contact?” Joachim replied, “Negative sir.” Ender exclaimed, “Increase to Trans-warp 7!” Some of the crew looked at him shocked as well as Joachim (as he turned in his seat) and he said with worry, “Sir I don’t know if we will be able to maintain that speed for long.” Ender looked at him trying to control his anger and said, “Just do it!” Petra and the other crew members looked at him concerned as Joachim turned back forward and replied, “Yes sir.” Ender then turned to Petra and said, “Anything on the sensors?” Petra looked at her monitor and replied, “Negative captain.” Nikolai’s voice then came from Ender’s right arm rest as he yelled over the talking and yelling in engineering, “Captain you do realized this is the fastest this ship can go!” Ender replied coldly, “Yes Mr. Delphiki I do.  Just keep this speed as long as you can.” Nikolai yelled back, “Yes sir!”

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