Star Trek Endeavor: Superior Intellect

The Endeavor journey's deep into unexplored space to investigate what is causing a string of habitable planets to be destroyed, only for Ender to face his worst fears.


4. 4

Ender stated, “Captain’s log star date 2349.9, a Talarian supply ship received our message and sent it to their home planet where they arranged a transport ship to pick up the survivors and will intercept us within one hour.  Commander Arkanian has finished her analysis on the debris and concluded that the reason their warp core suffered a meltdown was because of lack of safety and did not know how to operate a warp engine properly as they were testing a brand new warp engine.  I decided to keep this intel from the Talarians knowing that if they knew we scanned their destroyed ship they may take offense and could jeopardized our relationship with the Talarian people, since Captain Valkyrie made first contact with them a few years ago when he was in command of the USS Challenger.” Ender sat back in his command chair as he relaxed and said, “Commander, how are our guests doing?” Petra replied, “So far they are still in the hanger bay and minding their own business peacefully.” Ender sighed, “Good.” There is a beeping noise coming from Joachim’s console and he pressed the button and the noise subsided and he said, “Captain, the transport ship is within visual range.” Ender said, “Put it on main viewer.” Joachim replied, “Aye sir.” And the view screen changed to show the Talarian transport ship sitting in space in front of the Endeavor.  Vars turned from her station in her seat and exclaimed, “Sir they are hailing us.” Ender replied, “On screen.” The view then changed to show a dark haired Talarian and Ender said, “This is Captain Wiggin of the Federation starship Endeavor.” The Talarian looked at him grimly and said, “This is Commander Ther of the transport ship Zhargosh, we are here to pick up our comrades.” Ender said, “They are all in the hanger bay, do you wish to transport them by shuttle or with the transporter?” Ther replied, “We will bet them out.  Just give us the coordinates so we can begin captain.” Ender said, “Yes commander.  Be advised there clothing is discarded because they were heavily radiated.” Ther looked shocked and exclaimed, “Did your crew physically touched them?” Ender replied calmly, “You have to ask our ship’s doctor because he was in charge of decontamination.  Do you want me to contact him?” Ther relaxed and sighed, “No captain, that’s fine.” Ender exclaimed, “Good, then I will send you the coordinates right away!” Ther said, “Thank You captain.” The main viewer changed to show the Talarian transport ship hovering in front of them.  Petra said, “He’s a little up tight.” Ender grimly replied, “Probably concerned of what they told us.  Vars, send a message to the hanger bay to prepare for beam out to their transport ship before you give Captain Ther the coordinates.” Vars replied, “Yes sir.”

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