Blue Flame

Magic is non-existent in the modern world. We use science to explain every unknown accident that occurs. When a young girl named Felicity gains the magical power to control fire and ice the government strives to find a scientific answer. They take away her family and hunt her down as she journeys across the country with her new found friend Adam. Felicity on the run from the government does everything she can to get her family back and avoid capture, but is everything she can do enough?


1. Chapter 1

Do you ever want to just shut out the world? To stop hearing the shouts and voices, stop feeling fear and sadness. To stop everything because you can’t take it anymore. That’s how I felt at that very moment. My dad screaming, pushing, and pulling as he was pulled from bed. Lights flashing red and blue. Everyone, guns in hand, running about grabbing my sisters and my parents. Ripping them out of their fantasies and back into reality. Pushing them through the winding staircase through the kitchen and out the back door. My father struggling to pull away and help the rest of my family. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to sink into oblivion and never return. To not have to watch my father get beat or my mother cry. To not see my sisters get put into the back of a car. There was nothing I could do but sit in my little tree house and not come down. My mother only ten minutes ago when it was peaceful lightly shook me. I woke up groaning from my comfy cot, laid down in the back of my room. "Felicity come with me, honey." She grabbed my arm and pulled me out the back door. The grass was wet and cold against me bare feet. She took me to our tree house handed me a backpack and a change of clothes. I went up the ladder expecting my mom to follow but she didn't. "Mom?" She looked at me, "I love you baby but no matter what don't come down from this treehouse, your going to be alright." she gave me a sad look then turned and ran back into the house. That's when I realized as I sat watching the horrific scene in a fresh new pair of clothes what was going on. They were looking for me, the police officers, the dogs, all the secret agents. They started searching the house from top to bottom. For some reason, I knew I couldn't get caught. I took one last look at my old house with the fields of grass that seemed to stretch for miles. I took one last look at my family and climbed down the tree. I was far enough away that they couldn't hear my light footprints as I ran into the never ending forest. Little did I know as I ran, what awaited me on the other side of that very forest.

    I kept walking on and on never stopping or looking back. I wouldn't and I couldn’t. I grew so tired I collapsed on the ground in a heap of mud and dirt. Pulling the backpack off me I opened it up. Attached to the outside was a small portable sleeping back. The inside contained a water bottle, matches, some food, a rope, money, a mini tarp, and a photo of my family. I still had my watch that I wore everyday. I took out the small sleeping bag, attached to my backpack, and laid it on the ground. Months of hunting with my dad on the farm finally paid off. I got some good dry firewood and lit the fire with my match. I fell asleep holding the picture of everyone I lost.


 I opened my eyes and squinted. It was raining, it must have started not to long ago, the fire I made last night was completely gone. Replaced by cold wet wood. I tried to shove my backpack under a tree with my numb fingers in an attempt to save the matches and food, but they were already soaked. I crawled up under the nearest tree and wished for a nice warm fire. I stuck my hand out and started drawing in the mud. "Fire, fire, fire, fire." I mumbled hoping for some miracle that fire would appear out of no where and warm me up. I got my miracle, but not in the way I was expecting. My hand was on fire. No bush suddenly burst into flames to provide heat for me. No, my freaking hand caught on fire out of no where. I jumped up and tried to shake my hand and put it under the rain, but it wasn't going out. I tried rolling my hand in  the grass, nothing. After running around for five minutes, I laughed and realized the fire was actually burning me. I sat back down, fire hand and all, back under the tree. I started playing with the fire like a cat that got a new toy. When I closed my hand the fire disappeared, but as soon as I opened it, the fire came back. It even heated up the area around me a little. I was able to unfreeze my numb fingers and toes. I felt like Iron man when I found out I could even throw the fire. When I closed my hand, swung my arm, and then opened my hand, I threw a small fireball into the air. I let my mind wander to a thought that just came to my head. The fire in my hand went out as I realized something that sent a chill down my spine. This is why I'm being hunted.


  I walked through the rain in the direction I thought was East, but as the rain stopped and I came to a clearing, I realized I had gone West. I walked straight into what we called "Bandit Valley" land swarmed with bandits and thieves. They live away from the city and live off of things their people steal or find in the environment around them. I looked around an knew I had no where else to go. The police were probably taking me in the woods so I can't go back. There is another forest across the valley that I can hide out in. I decided to risk it and walk across the valley. The tall grass that covered the area would hopefully be enough cover to make it across unnoticed. From one forest to the other, on the other side of "Bandit Valley," is about a days walk to reach the other side. I stepped into the tall grass and crouched a little closer to the ground. I remembered from school that these people would hide bear traps to catch food so I would have to be careful. Luckily, I’m not as dumb as a bear and can see traps before I reach them. I kept waking minute after minute, hour after hour with nothing to look at but the grass and bugs that flew about. My legs started to give out after about four straight hours of walking so I took a good look around and then plopped down on the dirt. I looked in my supply bag. I pulled out my water bottle that I would need to refill soon. I pulled out a wet granola bar. After my snack and an hour break I stood up and saw something from the corner of my eye. A dark colored object moving fast behind me. I quickly looked and saw a person moving towards me crouching low in the bushes. I didn’t wait for them to reach me. I ran as fast as I could toward a small hill where I could take cover. My legs carried me faster than ever through the tall grass. I slowed down as I neared the hill. I stopped and looked back. I couldn't see anyone but that doesn’t mean nobody is there. I took one step forward and heard a loud click. I looked at my foot. From the sound I just heard I must have stepped on a landmine hidden by one of the more deadly groups of thieves. I couldn't move or I would be blown into pieces. I would have to hope some bandit might decide to help a fellow foreigner who trespassed on their land.


    I looked at my now dirt filled watch. I had been standing for an hour and already felt tired. I had heard a few sounds but it’s not like I could run if someone decided to kill me. I heard a sound behind me louder than others. I felt the hairs on my neck stand on end waiting for some kind of attack. It never came. The rustling sound got louder and moved to the area in front of me. I could see it now, the same person from before in all black that got me into this situation. They started moving towards me. My fear got the better of me and I started thinking about fire, knowing what would happen. My hand became a fire ball but I hid it behind my back out of sight. I wasn’t going to show anyone my ability unless I had to. They kept coming towards me. I was shaking all over not wanting to die after all my mother did to save me. I crouched down still keeping the same pressure on my foot. The person didn’t stop coming.


Still in my crouched position I started removing the dirt around my foot. I found the mine. It was small but I had no idea how to defuse it. I couldn’t move, I was trapped. The person approached me, now standing before me was a boy not much taller then me. He didn’t say anything. He bent down and started moving wires around inside the mine. I was still shaking. While he worked I realized he was the opposite of me. He had dark brown almost black hair compared to my dirty blonde. Mine was a little longer than shoulder length but his was short. He was wearing a short sleeve brown shirt, a red bandana around his neck, and worn down jeans. Besides the dirt on his face he was actually really handsome with tan skin, blue eyes, and his black hair. I watched him work on the mine hoping it wouldn’t explode. He pulled out a pair of what looked like wire cutters and cut a big red wire. I heard another “clink.” Thinking the bomb went off I flinched. Nothing happened. He wiped some sweat of his brow and sat back looking at his handy work. He tried to push my foot off the mine but I didn't budge, I don't plan on being blown to pieces. He stood up and towered over me. I felt small under his intimidating gaze. He tried to push my foot off again, I didn't move. Realizing I was not going to remove my foot, he body checked me. I was thrown into the dirt and grass with a loud thud, also extinguishing the fire burning around my hand. Somehow he had defused the bomb because it didn't explode. He looked at me his blue eyes sparkling with curiosity as I sat on the ground. 

"Thanks." I grumbled as I stood up dusting myself off. He gave a short nod. He stood up and started walking away.

“Hey! Are you just gonna leave!” I shouted as I ran over to him. He turned around to face me.

“I…have to go.” He said in a guilty voice.

“At least tell me your name.” I said hoping he wouldn’t leave me on my own.

“Adam.” he said hesitating a minute before answering.

"Felicity." I replied. He must be younger than he looks. I am only 17 and was about to finish high school back at home in a year. Adam started walking again the opposite direction I wanted to go.

“I need help!” I thought of a major city where I could buy more supplies but also stay out of sight. My home town Arlington in the eastern part of the continent.

“I have to go to Chicago” I blurted out. I realized that really would be a good place to go. It’s little out of East territory but not by much. Adam turned around suddenly. I was only a few feet behind him. I walked right into him not realizing he had stopped. I took a few quick steps back and looked at him.

“That's far.” he responded.

“I know but that's where I have to go.” I explained.

“I am going to Chicago to deliver a message. I’m leaving tomorrow.” he said somewhat surprised by his own words.

“Anyway, could I maybe travel with you, I don’t really know how to get there.” I said nervously.

“I guess, I’ll meet you at that hill beside the river at noon tomorrow.” he said.

“Okay, thanks again for helping me.” I said with sincere gratitude. He kept walking but I didn’t follow. I walked back to the hill thinking about Chicago. Could I trust this kid? I would have to find out tomorrow. I went through the river at knee high water and found a nook in the side of the hill. I laid down using my backpack as a pillow and soon fell asleep.


    Something wet touched my face and I jumped up to my feet. I looked up at the sky and realized it was raining, again. I found some shelter on the hill and waited for Adam to come. I stayed mostly hidden in case he brought some thieves with him. After a few hours my watch struck noon. I looked over the hill from my small nook. Nobody was there. I waited and waited. I heard loud footsteps. I immediately knew it was more than one person. I peeked over the hill. I saw Adam running with three much older men with…guns. I knew I shouldn’t trust him. I heard gun fire and realized they weren't shooting at me, they were shooting at Adam. I snuck out beneath the tall grass and moved towards the chase staying off to the side. I heard more gunfire. I had to stay calm. I heard a loud yell and saw Adam fall down. I was too late he was already shot down. I stood up and ran full speed at the three men. The river came up in front of me, but instead of falling in, my feet hit something hard and I flew right across the river. What the hell! I decided to ignore it and find out what it was later. They were picking up Adam so he must not be dead yet. I heard gun fire. They were shooting at me now. I kept running, sinking lower into the grass. I felt so strong as I ran towards the thieves with fire now trailing in my right hand. I used my throwing technique and threw a fireball toward the villains. I didn't have perfect aim but it hit the grass infant of them, and the grass went up in flames. One thief’s shirt caught on fire. He started rolling on the ground. I slowed my pace and concentrated. I used all my energy and throwed the biggest fireball ever. It knocked the other two thugs to the ground with a loud thud, leaving a huge hole in their ragged shirts. The other recovered from the first fireball and stood up again but I was already on him. I threw one fireball toward one foot and gave him a flaming punch to the stomach. He ran away with one foot on fire, leaving his gun behind. The other two had already scattered in fear after my second fire attack. They didn't want to mess with some flaming freak. I looked down at Adam still lying on the ground. My vision started to get fuzzy. I looked at my leg and realized they had shot me. I hadn’t even noticed because of the adrenaline rush. I inspected Adam and could see even with my fuzzy vision that he hadn’t been shot. He must have tripped and hit his head on a rock. He had a decent sized gash on his forehead. I tried to wake him but never did. My vision had slowly gotten worse over the last couple seconds. I soon found myself passed out on the ground next to Adam.


    My head was throbbing and my right leg hurt so much I could barely feel it when Adam pulled the bullet out of my leg. I woke up screaming as he tried to do it while I wasn’t awake. I stared up at the sky clenching my teeth as he finished. I looked around and noticed we were surrounded by trees, we were out of that horrible valley. I relaxed a little when he finished but the pain didn’t go away. He sat back on the ground just like after he defused the bomb. I noticed a small healer kit on the ground with some bandages and the bloody tweezers he used to pull the bullet out. He took the wrap out and cautiously wrapped the wound. When he finished I tried to stand up but I didn’t work.

“Thanks” I said after a few minutes.

“I owe you the thanks” he said casting me a quick glance.

“For what?” I said he was knocked out so he wouldn’t have seen me fighting the thieves.

“For driving off those people chasing me.” he said.

“Oh right, no problem” I responded.

“Why did you save me though?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I wasn’t gonna leave you there to die after you saved my life.” he said.

“Why were those people after you though” I questioned.

“You ask a lot of questions.” he said with a slight smirk. That was the first time I saw him smile since we met. He always seems quiet and never talks more than he needs too. He laid down and started staring at the stars. I did the same thing on the other side of the fire.

“I joined a group of thieves in order to survive after my parents abandoned me. I thought they would help and they did. They helped me survive but, as I got older I realized that they did extremely violent things, like planting that bomb you stepped on. They caught me helping you. I went back to camp and overheard them saying they would catch me in the morning and hang me. I left early the next morning but those 3 men Calvin, Joe, and Marley saw me. I don’t know why I am telling you this but, I feel like I can trust you.” he said finishing his story.

“I’m 17.” I said rolling over on my side to face him across the fire.

“I am 17.5” he said with another smirk. Then I told him my story from the first night I left to when I met him. I told him about my “abilities.” I don’t know why but I felt like I could trust him just like he said.


    I got five days of rest for my leg to heal until I was able to run again. We stayed along the edge of the woods out of sight until I healed. I walked over to the hill inside the valley. I closed my eyes and imagined Adam being chased by those three men. Then, I ran straight towards the river. Placing the same fear of falling and not saving Adam in my head. Once again I didn't fall, but instead landed on something hard instead of landing in the water. I stopped and looked down to see what I had hit. I was shocked to see ice under my foot. Maybe it worked the same way as the fire, so I thought about ice and looked at my left hand, nothing. I kept thinking, ice, ice, ice. I did this as I walked forward and the ice at my feet followed me freezing the grass around me. I had an idea, instead of thinking about ice, maybe if I thought about an object made of ice it would work. "Ice sword, ice sword." I repeated in my head. When I opened my eyes and looked at my left hand their it was, and ice sword. I stood in shock and amazement at another new found ability. I didn't know what to do, I was a walking miracle or maybe a walking mistake.


I woke up one day the same as always, to super loud noise, made my new friend Adam. He was nailing a small wooden plank to a tree. After some closer speculation I realized it was a target.

“What’s this for?” I asked.

“For you.” he said. He explained to me that he wanted me to practice using my abilities (Yes, I told him about the ice too.) so I could eventually save my family. My family, I had to save them. I have been so focused on escaping I didn’t realize there was a chance my abilities could save them.

“Practice with fire first.” Adam said in his most teacher-like voice. I laughed and flames appeared in my right hand. I swung my body and arm and released the flaming fireball towards the tree missing by a mile. We did it 50 times until I finally hit at least three in a row. We did the same with ice weapons, as I learned how to throw them accurately at the target. By the end of our “training session” as Adam called it I was sweating and completely exhausted. I sat down on a log we dragged over to our fire. Adam came and sat next to me not tired from standing and ordering me around.

“It’s pretty incredible what you can do.” he exclaimed with whatever enthusiasm he could muster.

“Ya I guess I never realized how cool it really was until now.” I said with a smile. We did this same routine everyday and would move about ten miles a day before training. Then we would set up a camp and train until night. We learned about each other and all the things we did and didn’t like. It was the most fun I had ever had but I still had the dark memory always resting on my shoulders, my family.


    After two weeks of steady progress across Eastern Territory we were almost at Chicago. I woke up to the usual clatter of packing up camp. We walked 15 miles this time and then set up camp by an amazing waterfall in a massive forest. We did our training like normal. I hit the target every time now and we have been improving my power. Its incredible all the things I can do. “Tomorrow we’ll hike 25 miles and make it to chicago the day after tomorrow.” he said. We sat down by the fire in front of the waterfall. "Have you tried to make living things out of ice?" he asked.

"No.." I thought about, what if I could.

"Try it." he said excited about his great idea. I focused and imagined a small animal, a rabbit, an ice rabbit. I concentrated hard, I felt something so I opened my palm. I opened my eyes to see a shocked Adam, and, a real live ice bunny. It sat on my hand looking at me wiggling its whiskers at me. I don't know if I fainted or I used to much energy, but I don't remember anything else that happened.


    I woke up earlier to the sound of the waterfall. I was on the ground by the fire that died over night. I felt something familiar on my back and saw Adam next to me. I turned around and realized he was so close that our noses were touching when I faced him. His eyes opened and he looked at me with bright electric blue eyes instead of the usual grayish. He smiled his first real smile, not just a smirk but a real genuine smile. I smiled back at him and got up.

"I think I blacked out yesterday.." I said still confused about last night and the bunny.

"Ya you just kinda fell to the ground and the ice bunny ran away.." he said just as confused as I was. We then got up preparing ourselves for the extra long morning hike still trying to grasp what happened. We walked the rest of the way to Chicago.


After our 3 hour walk we plopped down at our 15th camp and could see the city of Chicago from our camp. It was like nothing I have ever seen before with buildings that seemed to reach the sky. “Are you gonna leave after you deliver your message?” I asked concerned.

He smiled at me again, “Of course not!” he exclaimed.

“Oh good,” I said and let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“We can buy more supplies, I’ll do what I need to do, and then will figure out our next move.” he said.

“Okay” I agreed.


    We walked through the bustled gates into the city, I held the back of his shirt so I wouldn't get separated or lost, trying to navigate the busy streets. Adam led me down many winding streets until we stopped in front of a black storefront, the store was called “Helen’s Antique shop”. “Wait here, don’t move.” he said seriously. “Okay.” I said knowing this was important. He walked into the store. I leaned against the stores door and waited patiently. I stood up and walked over to the door after 10 minutes and peeked into the store. Someone from behind me pulled a hood over my head and I couldn’t see anything. I reached to where I thought the door knob was and grabbed it. The people behind me were pulling me away. They pulled me and the door. I felt the door open and screamed at the top of my lungs.

“ADAM! ADAM! ADAM!” I couldn’t use my abilities in an area of so many innocent people.

“HELP! HELP!” I yelled to the people murmuring around me. I could hear voices.

“Chicago police everyone calm down this is a thief that escaped custody yesterday!” “Please stay calm!” the officer yelled to the surrounding people. They started dragging me over the curb and I heard a car door open. They were trying to pull me into the car. Adam wouldn’t find me ever again if I let them do this. I couldn’t see with the black hood over my head. The officer was holding my hand behind my back so let my hand heat up to the point it would almost catch on fire. It have worked because I felt one hand let go of me. I swung around and threw a nice flaming hot punch to his stomach, or maybe his face I wasn’t sure. All I know is that he let go of my hands. I heard the door open from the store and Adam yelling.

“LET HER GO!  Someone grabbed my arm and started pulling me away from the car; Adam. I ran toward him and he pulled off the hood. I hugged him and he started pulling me away from the officer still trying to recover after my punch, while the other two officer drew their guns and chased after us. 

"Adam, stop for a second." He stopped but I could tell by his face he wanted to do nothing but keep running. I had to stop the two officers and the back-up that would be arriving soon. I knew I could do this. I pushed all my power into my left hand and focused my energy on one thing, an ice tiger. I could feel the pulse of energy and opened my eyes. I saw a massive tiger made of ice standing tall and strong in front of me. The tiger nodded at me as if it knew what to do. I turned and ran towards Adam at the end of the alley. He pulled me down more streets and no matter how far we got I could still hear the officer shouting into his walkie talkie and the crowd yelling echoing in my head. I followed him into a back alley where he sat down on the ground, seeming to sit away from me. I realized it was because both my arms were flaming from emotions and exhaustion. I was still shaking. The fire soon vanished.

“You good now” he asked.

“Yea I guess…” I said. He was holding his hand in a cradling way.

“What’s wrong with your hand?” I asked.

“Oh nothing.” he said. I moved over towards him and looked at his hand. I had a big burn mark right across the center. He must have been burned from my heated hand when he grabbed it to pull me away.

“I’m so sorry I… I didn’t mean to hurt you!” I stammered.

“Oh it’s fine.” he said not phased by the injury. 

"That was freaking amazing what you did with that tiger." he said still in shock.

"Ya, too bad it sucked up all my energy." I said panting.


We stayed quiet and out of sight as we walked to the nearest cafe. When we entered nobody even noticed. They were all focused on the big flat screen TV, with my face on it.

“Today local officials report that this girl, Felicity Star, is armed and dangerous. If spotted alert local authorities immediately and do not engage. She is wearing shorts and a t-shirt.” the news reporter said, as a picture of me and Adam appeared on the TV.

Adam grabbed me and immediately pulled me out of the cafe. He walked across the street into a small clothing store. He grabbed a pair of jeans and a sleeveless shirt, along with a navy blue cap. I handed him some money and he bought the clothes while I stood in the back. I changed as soon as he was done and we exited the store without a problem. We walked past officers and more people as we made our way out of the city. We got a few blocks from the exit and saw a line of cop cars. People were lined up to get their passports checked and had to identify themselves to the police. We checked every other way out of the city but they had already set up a 20 block perimeter. We would either get caught trying to escape or be found while hiding. Either alternative was not good.

So I went back through the entire story and changed some things up after realizing how crumby it was xD

I hope it's better now and that I'll be able to update is soon <3

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