Diary :: Malum

Welcome to my oh so amazing diary.


6. Awkwardness and assumptions

Calum's PoV (I might have a few of these in between so it's interesting)

It was Friday afternoon and I had Luke over, he was perched on my bed smiling wide and he had this loving look on his face.

"And he smiled at me, I could have swore I saw a wink as well," the blond sighed happily. "He definitely wants me." This made me laugh. Oops.

"He definitely wants a taste of the noodle." I giggled making him pout playfully and smack my arm gently.

"I'm not a noodle, I'm a big strong lion rawr," He growled and tried to flex his muscles. Let's just say he has as much muscles as my teddy. "I have a six pack it's just shy." Luke patted his little belly.

"Definitely babe." I rolled my eyes with a small smile.

"Anyway, do you like anyone? Anyone caught your eyes?" Luke spread across my lap and poked my lips. "You can tell me, you're my only friend so it's not like I'll tell."

"Nobody," I blushed. I don't know why I was blushing because I don't like anyone but oh well. The blond poked my lips and gasps softly.

"You're blushing," he squealed quietly like a fangirl. "Don't lie to me, Asian."

"I'm not Asian, and I'm not lying," I covered my red cheeks which felt so warm. "I don't like anyone."

"Mmmm sure. What's her name? Or his." He smirked. You see, I'm straight... I think? Who am I kidding, I'm just lying to myself about my sexuality because I don't want to face the truth.

"I'm not gay." A little part of me was telling me that I was lying to myself, but I don't want to think about this right now.

"Lies, I saw you checking Michael out," he winked making my cheeks heat up more. "He just broke up with his whorefriend so too soon bro, but you can keep him company." And there was the wink again.

"Shut up, Luke."


Hi guys, wow this is my first actual chapter in this book. Sorry it sucked.

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