My Salvation

This is the story of Ashlynn, and how Luke Hemmings was her salvation. (so sorry for the cheesyness I dont know how to explain the story.)


2. Today

    I woke up, “Oh great,” I thought, just then my brother busted in my room “Moving Day!” he said excitedly “Why do we have to move?” I whined putting the pillow over my face, “I want us to have a fresh start, after what happened with mom and everything-” “What happened with mom wasn’t our fault.” I interrupted “She left 5 years ago, what she does now isn’t our business. I know you’re sad because she’s gone like for real, I was sad too, but you can’t blame yourself for it. She left us, and now she’s gone. Nothing we can do.” I sounded kind of harsh, but it was true, after what happened that night 5 years ago I promised myself the only person I could count on besides myself was my brother, he was the only one who didn’t walk out on me. I decided that it wasn’t my fault my mother left, and that it was her choice, I decided that what happened to her wasn’t going to affect me in any way. I made that promise to myself, but my brother didn’t. “I just think that this house holds too many memories, and not very many of them are good, and now with mom passing, I think that’s one memory too many. Come on, when we move, we start over, no more heartbreak. It’s me and you forever remember?” he said sitting on my bed “Forever” I answered lying my head on his shoulder, “But why Sydney?” I whined again “Because it’s far away from here” he answered chuckling “But what about my friends?” “You mean friend” he corrected me “No, I mean friends, I have more than just Jackson” I sat up defensively “Oh yeah, I forgot about Nick” “Yeah” “Why are you friends with him again?” he asked “Because he was the only other person that would talk to me after mom left. Everyone else thinks that we must be horrible people since we made our mom and dad not want us” I said lying my head back on his shoulder “No one thinks that of me” he said trying to cheer me up “Because you were popular before and no one stops talking to a popular kid” I slightly slugged him on the shoulder “Besides,” I started “In Sydney I’m not going to have any friends, and no one is going to want to talk to me because they’ll think the same thing that the kids here think… That I’m some evil person who hates everything and is so bad that my dad killed himself and my mom walked out on me” I said with heavy sigh “That’s exactly why we’re moving. No one will know about what happened” he nudged me, I sighed, “Fine, you convinced me” “Yes! Okay, you already have your things packed right?” “Noo, I knew we were moving today and decided that I would only go with one pair of clothes” I said sarcastically “Oh okay, well let’s go then” he sarcastically responded “Come on, let’s go eat” he said getting up and patting my leg “Alright” I said and walked downstairs.

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