My Salvation

This is the story of Ashlynn, and how Luke Hemmings was her salvation. (so sorry for the cheesyness I dont know how to explain the story.)


5. Road Trip break down

It was a long drive to Sydney… We had to stop overnight; it was a two day trip. When we finally were in Australia, I was glad my brother told me to change, it was HOT… Like we drove into a volcano, and it erupted hot, my brother told me it was just that I never been there before, that’s why it felt so hot. “You’ve never been here either” I protested “Yeah, but I’m a guy so I can handle it” he smirked at me, I socked him, lightly, but just enough for it to hurt, “Hey, what was that for?!” “You make it sound like just because I’m a girl… I’m weak… I don’t want to feel weak anymore, I don’t need another family member making me feel that way” I said hurt, I know it seems like I’m making a big deal out of nothing but if you have gone through what I’ve gone through… It would make sense. “What do you mean another family member?” “Mom-“I started but he cut me off “Mom? Really? I was the one that mom hit; if either of us should feel weak it should be me! She only hit you once Ashlynn, but she was constantly beating me! Ashlynn, she hit you once and felt so much regret and shame that she left… She hit me more times than I can count and never felt regret. So how can you say mom made you feel weak?” He was yelling at me at first but towards the end, he sounded more hurt then angry, “Because Isaac… Mom made me feel weak because I watched as she beat on you… Every time she hurt you, I wanted to do something about it, but I saw the marks she left on you… I knew that I was too weak to help you… That’s how mom made me feel weak” I said hurt “Ash, you don’t understand… You did help me, you helped me the last time she hit me… You started yelling at her, and then I remember you running over and grabbing her hands, trying to get them off me. Then I remember her slapping you away and you fell on the floor, but you got back right away and tried again, that’s when she stopped, that’s when she grabbed the pan and threw it at you… You didn’t cry when she hit you, but you were crying when you were yelling at her… So that’s how you helped me Ashlynn, because she hit you, she left, and I never got hit again, but even if she didn’t leave, you still helped me that night” he said softly “I don’t remember it that way. I just remember yelling and then getting him by that pan” I chuckled softly “Maybe that pan knocked a few memories loose” he said pointing to my head and tapping it “Maybe” I smiled “I’m sorry I started yelling at you Ash” he said “It’s okay… I feel like you needed to get that off your chest, you’ve been keeping how you really feel in and you just snapped… That’s all” I said “Maybe” he said. Isaac turned his attention back to the road, I just stared at him, and then I turned up the radio. The rest of the ride we sat in silence with nothing but the music to feel the void, when we finally got to the house.

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