Fear of loving

A 16 year old boy is struggling with his anxiety. Suddenly a girl shows up, and he's not sure if she's making it better or worse


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I wake up, sweating. It takes a little amount of time before it all comes back to me. The guy, Meadow, blackout.

Why does someone suddenly care? Or act like she does? I'm not worth it. My brain just won't accept it, that somebody is trying to be friendly. It won't accept me being happy. I don't deserve a person like Meadow.. She's just.. Too much.. To special. Everything is too much for my brain, it's exhausting. No one likes me anyways, I'm sure she'll forget me soon. I'm poison and she's a fragile flower. If she gets near me, I'll ruin her. That's not even an option. I'll just have to stay away. For her safety.

It may sound stupid, but I believe in love at first sight. And this is it. But if I am with her, I'll ruin her. And again, that's not an option..

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