An Angel and A Demon

There's a new kid in school. Chance Roberts. Tall, cute, and mysterious. He has a dark secret. Much like me. I feel like I've met him before. Like a dream from a memory. Everyone wants to know more about him including me. He's not too keen to share why he moved. Just that "his family got a new job". But i think there's more than what he's telling us. What is his real reason for coming here? And how does he know so much about me?


2. School

"Jam! Jam! Jam! Jaaaaaam!" Yells an excited Avery as she runs down the hall like an idiot towards me.

"Woah, Ave. Cool it." I say as she skids to a stop just inches from my open locker door. "You know I hate you calling me that." I remark as I take in her appearance. Her face red from blushing, her hair kinda wild from running, and her clothes not as orderly as usual. Something big happened.

"Guess what just happened! Guess! Guess! Guess!" Her strawberry curls are bouncing with each word. She's smiling huge and she has that 'in love' look on her face.

"Ummmm....Brent asked you out?" I say as I close my locker door.

"YES!!" She practically screams. She's jumping up and down now and squealing uncontrollably.

"God chill out Avery!" I say as I shake my head. "I'm happy for you though, he's been your crush for a long time hasn't he?"

"Yes yes yes yes!!!!" She shakes my shoulders out of pure excitement.

"Ok ok ok!! Calm down now. Please. Your so happy all the time it's killing me slowly!" I steady Avery after she lets go and I look around. The school looks the same as it usually does on a Friday afternoon. Except one thing. There's a new kid here today. He's watching me and Avery from behind his locker door. His leaf green eyes tear into my own blue ones. I feel like he can see right into the soul I don't have. He has broad strong shoulders and a muscular build. Kinda cute. Kinda attractive. Kinda alluring. Kinda familiar. But I don't have crushes and it's not like I have ever seen him before in my life. I don't like boys. That's Avery's thing.

"OMG OMG OMG! That's Chance Roberts!!! He's the new kid!! OMG do you like him?? He's totally checking you out Jamie!!" Avery breaks me out of my thoughts.

"No!" I retort back too quickly. She raises her eyebrows and looks back at him, still staring at me. "I think he's checking you out Avery." I say nudging her shoulder and looking away from him.

"OMG really?!?! He's kinda cute!" She links her arm in mine and we walk the opposite direction of Chance, towards our 6th hour Biology class. I only said that to get her mind off of the crazy idea that I like someone. I've never even talked to Chance. Maybe I shouldn't ever talk to Chance. Love hurts too much.

If I am an angel,

Paint me with black wings.

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