The Bad Boy's Girl


1. Prologue


Kara's P.O.V.


Get out of bed!" My friend said pulling the covers from my warm and comfortable body. "Now!" She commanded flipping the covers causing me to fall out the bed, you should hear a loud thud.

"Well, ouch!" I said rubbing my bum.

"get dressed, quickly. I don't want to be late for school Kara!" She said walking out the door.

I groaned, flipping over, slowly picking myself up. "Why does Mondays exist?" I complain.

I moved my way to my closet, yawning. Searching for clothes I throw on my favourite dance outfit. Dance is my life I have loved it for as long as I can remember. I ran my hand through my hair, trying to get all the tangles out and pit it into a high ponytail. then I quickly do my makeup  

I don't have time to shower, gladly I did shower last night. (this is what the finishing results look like)















I sighed, and walked out the door with my adidas bag over my shoulder.

Tiana was waiting in the car, she's my best friend, one of my good friends who is always there for me, but when it comes to school she is quite serious.

I hopped in the car, and hope that monday will not last forever, I wanted to go home and sleep after all
that was said and done.


turning into the schools parking lot, the cars were packed everywhere, almost impossible to find a proper parking place. She had packed her car, 6 rows from the building. I sigh. Mondays.. Fuck you. Sincerity Kara.

I get get out the car, airing for Tiana and she grabbed her bag from the back seat, she then hurry up to catch up to me.

She walked side by side with me. We both were basically running we were walking to fast.

We walk into the school, moving quickly. Going to our lockers, grabbing our books.

"I'll see you in the cafè kara." Tiana waved me off as she goes into her class.

I smile and wave at her and get going to my class. I was almost there until I saw something. Someone. The bad boy. Harry Styles. You could see him in the garden, smoking a cigerette. Well he going to get in trouble. He spotted me and shot me a glare, and then I walked into class.











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