The Bad Boy's Girl


8. Chapter 6

Kara's P.O.V.

Saturday morning, staying in was something that I planned to do today. I was awake but I couldn’t open my eyes, I buried my head back into my pillow and exhaled slowly. I could hear the birds chirping by my window, I had a strong feeling they were trying to wake me up. I rolled over out of my bed. I ran my hand through my hair, sitting on the edge of my bed. I yawned and stood up and stretched out my bones and found some clothes, walking to the bathroom for a shower.


Today had been a balanced day, waking up, fixing myself breakfast. I think it was an inactive day, maybe I should call Tia to come over, and tell her about the party from last night.

“Hey, I haven’t heard from you all night last night, I tried calling.” She spoke when she answered the phone.

“Sorry, but I was just so tired from Harry Styles party last night.” I said sounding a little excited.

“Oh my gosh, Details.” She shrieked through the phone almost blowing my ear drum from my ear.

“I don’t really know here to start.” I said thinking, I didn’t. I didn’t want to brag about it or anything but I needed to tell someone about what happened last night, I wasn’t one hundred percent sure if Hannah had to work this morning.

“Start!” She demanded.

“Okay.” I said, exhaling slowly. “Well, I had went to the party, Hannah gave me this beautiful black satin dress to wear, and it was just so beautiful.” I began. I also remember that I needed to thank her. “Once I had arrived to the house, it was crazy crowd, and then Harry was there and he complemented me, and then took me upstairs with a few of his friends he hangs out at school with, I just remember one of two of their names. Not all.”

I think ones name is Liam.” She said interrupting me.

“Yeah, I remember him.” I said thinking about it.

“The brown eyed, cute one.” She added.

“Okay, but anyway, they had begun to play this game.” I said, I didn’t know whether or not to bring up the smoking, but I didn’t I don’t know if they would get in trouble for it, but then again, I am sure that they all would be getting in trouble, but then again, they were up stairs for a reason. I don’t know why but I decided not to say anything about it. “It was a real cheesy game of twister.” I easily lied.

Twister? Really?

I heard a laugh through the other end of the phone, she was laughing so hard right now. “Harry Styles playing twister, please tell me you got a picture.”

“No.” I said quickly.

“You should have, did you have fun?” She asked me.

“Yes. He was actually nice, he gave me a ride him actually.” I said and struggled my shoulders.

“Horrible idea.” She said in a serious tone.

“I don’t like Harry, he doesn’t like me, and it is never going to happen don’t worry.” I said, with a long sigh.

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