The Bad Boy's Girl


2. chapter 1


Kara's P.O.V



I hurried to class before the bell was able to ring. I was right behind Tiana. I sat down at a chair beside her. The room flooded with teens laughing and socializing. I deliberately ran my fingers through my hair and exhaled as well.

The bell had finally rung and the teacher stood up from his desk and smiled at everyone in the class. He handed out papers to us, and I quickly forgot that we did have to take an essay in here. I forgot to study. Well, Damn.

Once I had gotten the paper, I obliterate my mind with some of the work I did study. I looked at Tiana.

“Hey.” I nudge at her. She gave me a quick glare. “You have some notes I can use?”

She nodded her head and handed my her journal and then I looked at it, Looking at the things that I could use to pass this test, She had some pretty neat hand writing and labeling of everything, I was going to pass this test, from the looks of it. It seem that she had some more paper which she was using. She was always well prepared.

Once the test was over and the bell had rung, I had found myself going to my locker and getting my things, I was sure that I kept everything in my backpack. If I didn't it would be at home with my other million things that I thought I should bring to school.

Once school was over I head went to my car and then just relax, I was going to take Tiana home. Her car was towed last week and she did not have a ride home, Since she is my best friend, I am willing to give her a ride home.

She had hopped in the car once she seen me pull up to the pavement of the school name that was written on the ground, She had always met me there once she had gathered up all of her things. I wanted to make it in time before the long school traffic began.

“Hey.” She chirped sitting down in the car with a huge smile on her face.

“Hey.” I said to her, wondering why she was so happy, I shouldn't even ask.

Once she got inside of the car, She buckled her seat belt and then drove off. I started the ignition and then drove off.

The street was packed, almost like traffic. I had stopped my car once I was behind this other car and then once again I moved my car a little bit once the line proceed to get shorter and shorter.

“This is what I hate about driving. Traffic.” I said rolling my eyes at the rode that was packed with cars trying to get out the school parking lot and it was just so freaking annoying. There was this car behind me just keep on honking the horn and I looked in my review mirror to see his all black car. I didn't see the person in the car, instead the person just kept honking the horn, trying to get me annoyed. The line had gotten short and then I made my way to slowly go forward, I heard an engine and then the black car went beside me and then the windows rolled down and then I see a guy with curly hair who was in the driver’s seat looking at me, He had glasses on.

“You shouldn't be driving with lack of skill, Hun.” He said giving me a smirk.

“You're the one who needs to be getting off the road.” I say back looking at him, this boy was seriously wanting to make me mad. He think that he is all bad and stuff when he isn't, He is just acting like a little child that needs to grow up because this is not getting him anywhere just sitting around picking on people.

“Oh yeah?” He said raising one eyebrow.

I rolled my eyes and then just looked ahead and then the line started moving forward and then I had begun to go and then the little fuck cut me off and then now he was in front of me, so now I could not move anywhere.

“What is up with you and Styles?” My friend said looking at me from her phone.

“Nothing, He just think that he is all big and bad.” I huffed and then sat back in my car and ran my hand through my hair 

"Can I come watch your dance practice" Tiana asked looking at me with hope in her eyes

"Of coarse you can I love when you come watch me" i said as i was now driving straight to dance practice 

"What song are you using for your next performance" she asked 

"you'll see" I said with a smirk

after about 10 minuets or so we arrived at my dance studio. We got outta the car and went inside quickly because Alex hates when I'm late for practice. Alex is my partner he's wonderful I love him as a friend but if I'm late hell never let me live it down I'm still hearing it from the last time.

"Hey Alex" I said smiling as I walked into the studio with Tiana putting my things into the same corner as I always do Tiana just sits by my stuff getting ready to watch us do our routine  

"Hey Kara you ready to kill this routine" he asks smiling back at me

"No shit of course I am" I say putting the music on and then slow motion by Trey Songz the routine basically looked like this ( you only really need to watch the first 1:15)



My body moved to the music gracefully me and Alex always dance perfectly together theres so much trust and chemistry in our dancing when we were finished Tiana applauded us 

"You guys were fucking amazing" she said over excitedly me and Alex just hugged

"That was great Kara we killed it" he said giving me a high five  

"Of course me did we always do" I said happily 

"Well I better bounce I got loads of homework I need to do before I go to sleep tonight" Alex says while giving me a hug and and a kiss on my cheek like he always does

"Okai ill see you wednesday for practice again" I said grabbing my stuff so me and Tiana can leave 

"Lets bounce Tia" I call Tiana by the nickname I gave her when we first became friends and it just stuck ever since 

after we left I drove Tiana home and I went home did my homework and slept

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