lol read it.

(Harry Styles fanfic)


2. No Smoking

*Two years prior to now*

"Harry could you please go tell that obsreperous, recalcitrant girl that there is no smoking in this establishment. I
have had to tell her at least seven times in the past two week and she still won't listen. I may just have to ban her
all together." my boss says rolling her eyes. 

"This is just a coffee shop Margaret, it isn't that big of a deal." I respond.

"Yes it is!" she snaps. "I have put my whole life into this and I don't need some disobident teenager ruining it for- 
Wait why are you even arguing with me. Do as I say or i'll ban you too!" she replies and slaps my thigh with her rag.

"Okay. Okay. I'm going." I say opening the counter door. I examine at what I am about to approach.

The girl is medium height about five-five in a half I assumed. She has prolonged dark brown hair with stunning hazel eyes. 

She was just crazy beautiful. Like nothing I had never seen before.

"Hello!? Are you just going to stand there?" She says puffing her odius smoke in my face. 

I hadn't realised that I had reached her table while trying to check her out.

"N-No." I stutter.

She laughs. "Come to tell me there's no smoking in here?" She flicks my name tag. "Harry? Is it? How cute."
She drops the cigarrate and stomps it with her red converse.

I roll my eyes and grab a broom from behind the trash can. I begin to sweep it up while she sips at her drink laughing.

"It's really not that funny." I say throwing her red lip stick stained cigarette away.

She stands up, throws on her black leather jacket and laughs again sarcastically walking towards the door.

"This was almost as fun as bingo with my grandma but I really must head out. Outta cigs. But don't worry
i'll be back tomorrow with more." She winks and exits.

I sign and begin to clean up her table where she had left a half eaten doughnut and a almost empty 
grande green tea frappechino. 

I was just about to wonder her name but her cup read Moonlight. 

Such a nice name for such a rude girl. 

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