she seen him around
she grows to like him
she stalks him online
she got his snaochat
she finally talks to him but not the way she hoped


4. really you

alexs pov

next day later

i sat on my bed balling my eyes out you know what fuck everyone 

i texted my friend alina her and her twin sister elena they are really poplaur  they throw the best parites 

A: you having a party today

A&E: hell yeahh you finally gonna show up

a: hell yeah

A&E: you should bring calum or and the rest of the boys from the soccer team

a;ill try 

A&E; she you there

i forgot lukes on the team what do i do 

"CALUM! come here"  i yelled

"im naked!" he yelled back

'nothing i havent  seen before' i yell back

he walks in yes naked 

"why are you always naked" i asked

"why are you alway clothed"

"anyway why did you call me"

"TONIGHT we are going to a party so get ready" 

"im ready" he said

"yeah hell no get dressed"  i say pushing him out my room door

1 hour later lets go......

calum pov

'"alexis lets go"

"Im coming lets go" she said 

"i hope you dont mind i invted ALL the boys from my team to come they meeting us there" i tried to sneak in 

please dont notice i said that

"WHAT CAL" she yelled


alex pov

everywhere i looked were people making out, and that will never be me and luke

i give up i thought 

the soccer boys just got here and im here in the corner smoking this is really my life

micheal walked up to me 

"hey there" he said

"fuck off miky" 

"come on after seeing your nude i cant get you out of my head" he said

'cool story" i said  

"come on babe please" he says im looking aroung calum is on his phone on the couch and there i see luke kissing elena.

hell no i thought

"you know what let go upstairs miky"

"theres my girl" he said

i lead him upstairs

we found a bedroom

 we closed the door behide us .....

(and well yall know what happend)














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