she seen him around
she grows to like him
she stalks him online
she got his snaochat
she finally talks to him but not the way she hoped


5. pillow talk

micheals pov

i woke up the next morning remembering what happened im blessed, i really have missed this

alexs pov///

 i woke up with micheal staring and me

"stop staring" i say


i laid my head on michaels bare chest

"i missed this" i said i could tell he was shocked

"missed what to be clear" 

"everything dating you, the sex, the feeling of my lips on yours" i say

i dont know what im saying 

"so are we like back together" he asked 

"if you can keep doing what yo did last night hell yeah but only if you want to" i said

"hell fucking yes"

"i guess we together"  we both said at the same time

i walk downstairs and see people vomiting, sleeping, getting puked on gross,  did calum leave i went into another room and seen luke and elena cuddling but there asleep still burf

i walk in the kitchen and see my bestfriend raiding the frigde 

"having fun" i ask

"yup and i know you  had fun last night but with who"

"i should tell you me and michael are kinda dating" i say

luke pov

"i should tell you me and michael are kinda dating" i heard her say 

i got thisty so i wanted water now my ear is pressed agianst the kitchen door

"shes such a slut "i thought

"hai what are u doing" someone behide me asked it was elena

"wanna makeout in the kitchen" i say trying to make alex jelly yes i just said jelly she cant send me a nude and go date somebody else

we walk in the kitchen making out on the way in

wow she couldnt wait....

i could tell elena wanted to go further but i couldnt because people dont know IM a 17 year old virgan and thats my dark secret 



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