she seen him around
she grows to like him
she stalks him online
she got his snaochat
she finally talks to him but not the way she hoped


2. damn it

alexs pov

i kept checking my snapchat to see if he added me back

"damn you" i said talkimg to my phone sceen 

suddenly the added you lit up yellow 

"finally"i said

let me take a really cute selfie and say streaks and rencents so he thinks im sending them to everyone not just him even tho i am

before i could take the selfie ashton texted me for a nude 

ugh i took off my clothes and faced the mirror i took the picture and sent it i decided to wait for luke to snap me first before i sent him anything 

10 mins later luke snaped me back but right now ii watching netflix in pjs with chip bags all around ill answer in 5

calum should be home by now o i should metion me a calum live together  our parenets only let us because they want me and calum to get married one day and have four kids and name them after them  which makes me laugh so hard thats like dating my brother thats hella weried me and calum both know this 

'ALEXXXXX you HERRREEE we need to talk" calum yelled

"im in the living room" i yelled back

calum walks in a looks at all the bag of chips around me

"for a tiny girl you eat alot" he laughs

"i will end you and what do you need to talk about" i said

"um why did you send luke a you know what" he said

"what are you talking about i didnt even snapchat hime yet" i asked hella scared

"the nude" he said

"i didn fuck i thought i send that to ash" i said i grabbed my phone opened sc and saw the thing that killed me luke took a sceenshot i died inside 

"fuck"i kept repeated 

"theres more the boys on the team all  saw the picture because  luke sceamed and we wanted to see what so we looked on his phone michael took it a sceenshoted it before the timer ended he sent it to the teams groupchat im sorry i tried to stop em" i also should say i used to date micheal brefliy

i didnt say anything i decided to open what luke sent me and at that moment i sceamed














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