How to be loved

Eowyn went through something tragic something that makes her believe she can never be loved ever again. Can a new start, a new life and a new neighbor change these thoughts?


5. Sarah's

Just as I knew she would be late, Roxie shows up at seven. I quickly throw on a pair of red heels to match my red lips and carefully step outside with my favorite black jacket hiding me from the wind. I knew the wind would ruin the curls I just threw in my hair. In case you have not noticed girl’s night is a big deal, especially at Sarah’s. It may just be the two of us but its routine to dress up all fancy. I climb into Roxie’s little black car and see that she is wearing a tight blue dress with one sleeve and silver heels.


“Damn, I told you it would fit. You look sexy.” Roxie winks and I roll my eyes.


“It feels tight.”


“Well you don’t notice.” I look out and notice that James’ truck is missing. “So… Blake told me he and the guys from work were heading to Sarah’s tonight as well. Blake also told me James is the new hire…” Blake works at the big automotive company in town, there are not a lot of guys there but enough, as it’s a family owned business.


“Let’s not go there.”


“We’re still going. I promise we will sit at the other end of the room. Okay?”


I groan. “Fine.” Soon we arrive at Sarah’s. It is a beautiful restaurant with no minors allowed; thankfully we live in Canada and are legal at 18 where we live. We walk into the dimly lit restaurant and I see the huge group of guys James and Blake sitting beside each other and completely hitting it off. One of the guys who I believe is Carson (very attractive and a nice guy actually, blonde hair and blue eyes…) sees us and waves, probably recognizing Roxie. He used to be friends with my sister Demi (who now lives with my dad and other sister Alex). He was also sitting on the other side of Blake.


Roxie waves back and Blake notices her. His mouth gapping open at how amazing she looks. He blow-dried brown hair was a little poufy and she was tall with long legs. She was probably 5’5” to my 5’2”. She blows him a kiss and he waves her over. I reluctantly follow her but put on my best smile. She gives him a quick kiss and says hello to the guys.


“Hey.” Blake looks at me with a grin. We used to hate each other but now we are fairly close. He is like my protective older brother.


“Hi Blake.” I genuinely smile.


“Have you met James yet? He just moved here yesterday.” Blake finally looks at me at the sound of his name.


“Oh hey.” He says.


“Hi. And yes we have met. He moved in next door to me.”


“Oh sweet!” I laugh and Blake’s declaration of how ‘sweet’ it is. James looks at me again and I see a small smile form in the corner of his mouth.


I move over to let the waitress get near the table. She asks the guys their drink orders and I don’t understand how she can remember ten orders without writing them down. She looks at Roxie and I. “Are you girls joining this table? I can bring up two more seats.”


“Oh no-“ I start before Blake cuts me off.


“Yes they are. Thank you.” I glare at him. “What?”


“It’s girl’s night.” I look over pleading to Roxie who is too deep in a conversation with Blake’s cousin.


“How about this. You can sit between me and Carson and Rox will sit between me and James.”


I look over at Carson and he smiles. “Hi Éowyn.” I smile at the fact that he remembers my name and nod to Blake.


“Where would you like these chairs?” The waitress asks Blake.


“On either side of me please.” He smiles at her then me and the guys at the table slide down a little. I head over to sit beside Carson and smile at him.


“Éowyn, are we sitting here now?” Roxie asks as she returns to me and sits beside James and her boyfriend.


“Yes, I convinced her.” Blake says smiling as he kisses Roxie.


“Okay.” Roxie smiles. The waitress returns with a tray full of drinks and asks Roxie and I what we want.


“Spiced rum and coke please. Two shots.” I ask. Spiced rum is my favorite drink, probably the main thing I drink actually.


“Wow, nice drink choice!” Carson says.


I laugh. “Thanks? Also how did you know my name?”


“You’re Demi’s sister. She always told me great things about you. Plus I’m only a year older than you…”


“I guess so.” I laugh again.


“I like your laugh.”


“Oh, uh thanks.” I smile. He leans over and I feel his hot breath in my ear.


“You also look amazing.” I blush looking down. When I look up I notice James staring at me. He quickly looks away and introduces himself to Roxie.


Carson leans back into his seat and smiles taking a sip of his drink. The waitress returns with our drinks and I take a big gulp. Feeling the burn in my throat and the red in my face disappear, I relax a little. I turn back to Carson and thank him.

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