How to be loved

Eowyn went through something tragic something that makes her believe she can never be loved ever again. Can a new start, a new life and a new neighbor change these thoughts?


4. Roxie

“Honey I’m home!” Roxie yells as she walks into my house.


“I’m in my room!” I look up to see Roxie’s brown eyes peeking at me through the door. She runs in with her long brown hair bouncing then she flops on my bed.


“Why did you call me at work? I was filling out paperwork so you are lucky I could answer.” Roxie is an assistant manager at the most fancy restaurant in town. She’s only 19 and has a lot of trust with the owners. “And when did you get new neighbors?”


“That’s what I needed to talk to you about!” I lay back with a sigh. “It’s a him. James. Probably only a few years older than us.”


“Is he hot?”


“You have a boyfriend Roxie.” I glare at her. Sometimes it seems all she wants to know is if a guy is hot or not.


“Not for me silly. For you.”


“You seem to have forgotten that I will never date ever again.”


Roxie rolls her eyes at me this time. “It’s only been a few months, you will be okay and will be willing to date again. Trust me.” She pats my head like a dog. “Now, is he hot?”


I groan and she smirks. “Yes, I guess so. He has black hair and green eyes with orange flecks in them. He’s about six foot and could probably be a model… Worst part is he is defiantly rude in front of other people.” I explained what happened earlier with Rosie and James and about the guys that we used to go to school with.


“Oh Rosie…” Roxie shakes her head and laughs.


“It wasn’t funny. I felt so embarrassed! Plus he was nice to me last night when it was just us and-“


“Wait, what do you mean just you two?”


“Well last night I had an anxiety attack and went to stand outside. I was in just my shorts and tank top too… Anyways he was outside smoking and seemed like a good guy. He tried talking to me and totally got that I was having an anxiety attack…”


“Hmm… Well when guys are around other guys, and especially those guys we went to school with, they can be rude to girls. It’s the way of life.”


“What do you mean especially those guys?”


“Blake works with them and is really good friends with them. And they are total jerks to girls. Blake is even a little rude to me when we have them over.” I nod in understanding.


“So they just have this thing about them?”


“Exactly. It’s hard to explain.” Just then we hear a motorcycle and we both jump up to the window.


“There he is.” I have two big windows in my room. One on his side that looks into his driveway and another that looks over to the road. My bed was just under the one on the side of the house. We watch as James pulls into the driveway around his truck and parks just in front of the Garage door. We duck a little so that he does not see us. And just as if we were in a movie James takes off his helmet and swings his hair out from his face. It felt in slow motion and my heart skipped a beat.


“Woah,” Roxie says. “You were right… he is super hot…” As if he heard her he quickly looks at my window and we lay down on my bed as fast as we could.


“He saw us... oh god he saw us!”


“Relax chicken, he didn’t see us.” Roxie has been calling me chicken since we were kids. It used to be my favorite word for some strange reason. Plus, I love chicken…


“If you say so.”


“So I have this really great idea.” Oh no. No idea she comes up with is ever good…


“Oh? And what’s that?”


“I will be taking mornings off now and only working in the afternoon and evening. Sooooo I want you and I to start going to the gym every morning at 11.” As I’m about to open my mouth and refuse. “And I’m not taking a no for an answer. I already talked to Amy and she thinks it’s a great idea.”


“You talked to my mom?” I asked shocked, though slightly not, it’s something she would do too.


“Yup.” We start tomorrow!” I groan in frustration and roll to my side.


“Come on, ill make it up to you by taking you out for supper.” Roxie says poking my butt.




“But I work there!”


“Too bad. You owe me now…” I stick my tongue out at her and laugh and evil laugh.


“Fine.” Roxie gets up off my bed and heads to my closet. “Wear this sexy black dress.”


“I doubt it even still fits me!” I complain as she pulls out the dress I wore under my grad gown. The gown had a sophisticated look with a square neckline and a small v shape cut in the middle.


“It will. Now go shower, and put makeup on! We are having a girl’s night. I will pick you up at six thirty silly.” I look at the time noticing that it was already five. My sisters would be here any moment from dance practice along with my parents.


“Okay, see you soon! Love you!”


“Love you too!” She yells as she leaves.

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