How to be loved

Eowyn went through something tragic something that makes her believe she can never be loved ever again. Can a new start, a new life and a new neighbor change these thoughts?


6. Dinner

“Would you like another drink?” Carson asks me as he orders himself another.


“Sure, please.” I smile at him. I’m not an alcoholic I promise. This will only be my second drink.


“So when did you move back? I knew that Demi and your other sister moved to live with your dad and you were there for a while right?”


“Yeah! Actually I was there for a while then went to University. I quit because it was too much for me so I moved back in with my mom.” I laugh. “I know, it’s kind of lame that I live with them right now but I’m still looking for a job here. The economy really sucks right now.”


“Oh nice, and no worries I totally get that. I just started working with these guys so I still live with my parents too. It’s not a big deal. But I get the whole economy thing too. It took me forever to find a job here. Especially since our mine is shutting down.” He frowns and it gives me a tinge of sadness. I like his smile.


“Smile, please? I’m sure everything at the mine will work out…”


“I know it will. It’s just my dad is losing his job because of this foreclosure.”


“I’m sorry to hear that.”


“It’s all good.” Carson looks at me with a smile. “He’s already looking for a new job but might have to go out of town for it. Which really isn’t a big deal.”


“No,” I smile in return. “It’s not that bad.”


Soon our food arrives and I smile at my favorite meal from Sarah’s. “What is that?” Carson asks clearly drooling over my pasta.


“Its bruschetta chicken fettuccini.” I look at him excited to dig in. He lifts up his fork over to my food and I swat it away. “I don’t share.” I smirk at him and he frowns. I groan. “Fine.” I look across the table at Roxie and see her smiling. I give her a confused look but ignore her. I quickly glance at James who I noticed was looking at me. He quickly looks down at his steak. Which I must say looked delicious.  I look back at Carson who had his eyes closed slowly chewing his, I mean my food.


“Good eh?”


He opens his eyes and swallows. “Oh my gosh that was delicious.” He tries to grab some more pasta but I glare at him then laugh.


“No more for you silly goose.” He pouts and I pout back. “No.” I then dig in to my delicious pasta. As I ate I looked around the table finally noticing how close all the people were sitting to each other. I knew that I was at the end of the table but my anxiety started rising and I knew I needed to step out. I look over at Roxie noticing her staring into Blake’s eyes smiling. I decided not to bother her. I look at Carson. “I’ll be right back.” I smile and get up heading towards the front door.


Breathe. I tell myself. I close my eyes and wrap my arms around myself feeling the cold wind against my skin.


“Are you alright?” I quickly turn but manage to trip over my heels. Next thing I know I’m looking into James’ green eyes.


“Oh, uh thanks.” I say as he slowly lifts me back into a standing position. Even in heels I’m still shorter than him.


“Are you alright? You left in a hurry.” I look into his eyes in silence. Completely forgetting that he asked me a question. “Éowyn?” I blink.


“Oh, um, yeah.” I look down noticing how close we actually were to each other. I take a step back.


“Were you having another anxiety attack?” I nod. “Does it happen often?” I nod again. “You know what helps me?” I look up into his eyes again. “A hug, or for someone to talk to me and tell me a story.”


“Are you offering to hug me?” I laugh.


“If you want.” I nod and step into his warm embrace. His arms surround me and I fit perfectly into his chest. He rubs circles with his thumb on my back and I smell his sweet scent of Chocolate and mint. “Did you just smell me?”


“No” I say taking a step back out of his arms. “I was, just breathing.” He laughs.


“Sure.” We smile. “Are you ready to head back in?” I notice that my breathing had slowed and I felt calm.


“Sure.” James turns and heads towards the door as I just stare at him. “Thank you!” I call out to him. He turns back and smiles before disappearing into the restaurant.


I take another moment to myself before heading into the restaurant myself. When I sit back down in my seat Carson leans in and whispers again into my ear. I blush at the hot breath on my neck. “Where did you go? You don’t smoke do you?” I laugh and look into his confused face.


“No, I don’t. I just needed a breath of fresh air.” I look over at James and smile before turning back to Carson. “Did you steal more of my food?”


“I may have…” I laugh again.


“I’ll forgive you for now. But ill make you a deal.”


“What is your deal?” Carson looks at me with wide eyes and a curious smile.


“I’ll let you have half, if you buy me dessert.” I smile mischievously.


“I’m up for that deal.” He says with a grin. “But there is something else I want, more than your pasta.”


“Oh? And what is that?” I ask.


“Your phone number.” I lean back into my seat a little shocked. Had I been flirting with him? What makes him so forward to ask? Should I give it to him? I’m not trying to make a big deal out of it… I just don’t know how to go about this. After a little more thought I put my hand out to him. He smiles and hands me his phone.


“Here you are.” I say after entering my information.


“Wait, one last thing. I hate not having contact photos. Would you take one for me?” I look at him as if he was insane. “What?”


“I do that too!” I say laughing. I take his phone back and pose for a photo. Next thing I know Carson is leaning in a little too close for comfort, thankfully he just poses in the photo with me. I laugh at how dorky he is then take the photo.

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