are we the lucky ones ?

kate dallas is Cameron dallas little sister and bye little I mean 1 year Cameron is 21 and kate is 20 but Cameron still wants to think she a little girl that's still afraid of boy germs . but he knows he wrong as he best friend matthew is kate boyfriend for 5 years now will he ask her to marry him or will he still be dating her ?


4. omg yes a thousand times

where home  I yell . Cameron and matthew  ran into the living room matthew  picked me up  and gave me a big kiss  babe  I have only been gone for 3 hours   . I know but I missed  you it felt like a long time your my baby and I love you .I love you too  now put me down  he put me dow and  told me to get ready .

matthew pov /  I made nash and  hayes take kate out  so I could talk to her brother  I am going to ask her to marry me  we been together for 5 years and she the love of my life  I couldn't ask for anyone better ........

kate pov . I got me a  black lace dress with white heels and a  did a smokey eye and red lip with my hair in a messy bun . I walked into the living room  and every body looked at me  matthew took me bye the hand  and  we walked behind the house and there was the beach at night   lit up with light  we took a walk down to the beach and matthew got on one knee  . baby I love you since the day I met you I fall in love with you everytime you smile , laugh,  talk, and walk. everything you do makes want to stop you and kiss you and want to tell the world you are mine  will you marry me  .  yes yes yes a thousand yes   he put the ring on my finger  and picked me up kissed me  we walked the beach with my hand in his  in that moment I knew he was the one .

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