are we the lucky ones ?

kate dallas is Cameron dallas little sister and bye little I mean 1 year Cameron is 21 and kate is 20 but Cameron still wants to think she a little girl that's still afraid of boy germs . but he knows he wrong as he best friend matthew is kate boyfriend for 5 years now will he ask her to marry him or will he still be dating her ?


2. hayes put that down !

me  and matthew walked down to the kitchen  . to find my brother and hayes chasing each other  and nash sitting  on top of the island lol .   hey nash  want to tell me why my brother is chasing your brother around the kitchen  . umm  hayes stole your brothers bacon .oh  your brother dead   I hoped next to him and matthew  it went on like that intill  hayes  ran into the door . hahaha  we all started  laughing  like crazy  . intill nash and hayes pulled me down  and drag me to the door  and matthew  ran behind me  trying to save me .   don't worry   matthew  we will bring her back  . umm where are you taking me  . to the mall  hayes said  why umm because  you need a very cute dress for tonight  matthew said I looked  at him like he was crazy  but  said okay  and me and the boys went to the mall  and did i forget  to say  we almost got kicked out of lol

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