are we the lucky ones ?

kate dallas is Cameron dallas little sister and bye little I mean 1 year Cameron is 21 and kate is 20 but Cameron still wants to think she a little girl that's still afraid of boy germs . but he knows he wrong as he best friend matthew is kate boyfriend for 5 years now will he ask her to marry him or will he still be dating her ?


3. getting ready for what ?

we walked right into the mall and it was dead there was like nobody in it . I turn around to see nash and hayes smiling  you rented  whole mall out  didn't you  why tho . matthew told me to keep you safe  and told me tell you to have fun  and look sexy but nice  for tonight . so hayes rented the mall out for 8 hours  but we can leave anytime  you want nash said .awe thank you guys .   the boys dragged me into victoria's secret and that's where the fun begins  .  hey kate look over here I turn my head to see hayes holding a black lace thong and nash holding  bra matching it  put that down  I yelled skip a few hours I found what I wanted

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