Chloe, a teenager of hoboken stars to feel and see things that not one does, and she wants to go back and forget everything. When she thinks her life is complety ruined someone that changes her life appears.




Sep. 22. 2015   I would never forget what happend that night...  I was all alone in my house, my parents weren’t at home. I was going to watch TV, exactly Grey’s Anatomy, suddenly I heard a sound like whispers calling me. I went to check if everything was okay, slowly I get close to the room, that was the guest's room, when I check there it was it. A men was in the bed, he had ripped clothes and a dirty face. Immediately I ran to my bed, in the way to my room I got my computer, then I went under my blanket and went on Netflix, and searched some kids program because thats what I usually do when I'm scared. After some time I got calm again and I taught maybe tomorrow I’ll forget it, because that’s what my brain normally does. I needed to wash my mouth, when I was in the bathroom I watched the mirror and suddenly I noted that some letters appear in the mirror, these were red, then I noted that it was blood and at the end of the letters I read GET OUT OF HERE, that was the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me I got out of my house as fast as I could and I ran to my best friend´s house because I didn´t knew where else to go. I past through my favourite park, here in Hobokken from there you can see Manhattan and that is my happy place in this world. But then it didn’t was so pretty for me, I kept hearing things and every shadow I saw seems like that men.  I got to my best friend’s house and I called her, she answered her phone in the most calm way possible, I shouted her - ¨ YOU HAVE TO LET ME IN, I’M OUT OF YOUR HOUSE ¨ she ran to her door and opened it. I got in and I went as fast as I could to the bathroom, from there you could see more buildings and that calmed me in some way, I closed the door and it sounded so loud and I realised like a second after, I peeked my head outside the window to get some air and suddenly I forgot everything, I didn’t feel anything neither my body.  I heard some knocks in the door and someone saying ¨ open the door please ¨ but it wasn’t my best friend, then I realised there it was the boyfriend of my best friend. I really never liked him but i didn’t dislike him at all. I made a mental note ¨ just breathe ¨ and i started to calm down, I walked to the door and slowly opened it, the fear slowly came back, when the door was completely open I saw three people sat in front of the door, I was in shock for like a minute or so. And then I saw him, a new face, for me I don't know why but it seemed like a new hope. 

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