Nothing more than rejects


3. chapter 2

Luke your so weird said Michael OH AND COMING FROM YOU CLIFFORD! Luke would you please stop shouting and please don't start singing don't stop again!

* skips to lunch *

( still in Luke's pov. )

Muke legit have like no friends! I heard a voice shout from the other table but then i heard a girl really get like angry with who shouted it then she said " right that's it, I'm fed up with you making fun of them so if your going to be like that then bye! " me and Michael looked at each over in shock only cause she ain't just your average pupil she is the most popular with a YouTube channel with well over 10 million subscribers her name is Zoe sugg also known as her YouTube name being Zoella. she would definetly be the last in the school or possibly even in the world to stick up for us rejects and now she's walking over to our table...

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