Nothing more than rejects


1. chapter 1

Luke's p.o.v

Omg Michael this is far to boringg, why can't miss whatever her name is just let us out now! I mean like it's only 10am and we're stuck in this place until 3pm seriouslyyy

Quit the complaining Luke the teacher is looking at you along with everyone else yo weirdo!

So what there just jealous they can't sing like me haha

Luke Hemmings will you please stop! Shouts the teacher.

We'll miss guess what I WONT STOP DOIN WHAT IM DOIN CUZ EVERY TIME I WALK IN THE ROOM I GOT ALL EYES ON ME AND I KNOW IT KNOW IT KNOW IT I sing at the top of my lungs now everyone is staring at me like they always do the way they stare when they try to signal me to say

I'm nothing more than a reject.

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