My Best Friend's Brother

Sheridan had been best friends with Noel Mcloughlin since they were little kids (Nollaig, Irish Noel xP) and Noel has a brother named Sean, A.K.A. Jacksepticeye. But when they get older Jack's channel launches and Sheridan's does as well, her channel is called SherriCherri. But what will happen between Sheridan and Jack? What will happen between Noel and Sheridan? Find out in this story.


3. Chapter 2


Sheridan's P.O.V.


After we finished recording I stand up and glare at Jack.

"What the héll Jack?!" I raise my voice.

"What?" He asks as if nothing was wrong.

"When doing a collab with someone you don't just tell the audience for  10 minutes that you're going to PAX! I'm glad that you are but you just can't do that while collabing it's rude" I explain.

"Well at least- uh" He couldn't think of anything... 

"That's what I thought" I walk away to my room. I put on some music. I was listening to 'Therapy' By All Time Low. I was also sobbing because he would never understand. 

I just lost in Alex Gaskarth's voice and I fall asleep.

Noel's P.O.V.

I find Seán sitting in the recording chair looking off into the distance.

"Seán! Seán!" I snap my fingers in front of his face. He snaps out of whatever trance he's in.

"Sorry," He blushes.

"What's wrong? Where's Sheridan?" I ask. He sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

"She's in her room" He mutter "I made her upset" I get an angry look on my face.

"What did you do now?" I ask through bitter teeth

"I may have bragged that I was going to PAX while she and I were collabing," I admit "I feel terrible"
"You should, you can't let your feelings get in the way. If Felix invited her, he invited her there is nothing you can do because she's wanted to go for years now," I shake my head.

"I'll go apologize" He says.
"You better you twit" I walk to the living room and going on my phone

Jack's P.O.V.
I walk to Sheridan's room and I run a hand through my hair. I knock on the door 
"Sheridan, open up please it's me Jack" I say. No response. I jiggle the doorknob and I notice it was unlocked and I walk in.
'Therapy' was playing quietly as I noticed she was on her bed sleeping. I walk over and I sit on the edge of her bed.
"I'm sorry" I say quietly and sincerely.

Sheridan's P.O.V.

My eyes flutter open when I  feel the edge of my bed dip a little. It was Jack.
"I'm sorry" I hear him say. He didn't say it too loudly or too quietly but loud enough so I could hear him.
"I-It's alright" I say tiredly. I put my hand on his in a sisterly manner and smile. 
"I got mad and braggy because I was going to invite you but Felix beat me to it" He explains. I nod 
"That's okay, I'll hopefully still see you around so it's no biggy and it was a stupid argument anyways" I say sitting up yawning.
"Yawning like a lion" he chuckles.
"I'm not Phil, Seán" I giggle knowing he knows that I watch AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire and knowing that I've always wanted to collab with them.
"I know I'm just teasing" He puts his arm around me when I sit next to him on the edge of my bed. 
"You know a lot of our friends ship us right?" I say giggling.
"Yes, I am aware but you know I'm seeing someone" He looks at me smiling.
"Yeah I know, no need to remind us all" I playfully roll my eyes to his knowledge it was playful. I stand  up and look in the mirror. "My hair looks like shit" I chuckle.
"Well I wonder why" He says sarcastically. I chuckle and roll my eyes
"Get out" I say in a joking manner. He gets up and leaves while I fix my hair and brush my teeth again so I don't have bad breath.

Jack's P.O.V.

"Okay I apologized and she forgave me." I tell Noel. 
"Good" She nods.  "Now just don't fuck up like that again or an apology isn't the only thing that's going to be done" She warns. 
I chuckle nervously "yeah.. please don't kick my balls" I put my hand over them and she laughs.
"Still immature like always" She shakes her head chuckling.
"Not immature a young sense of humor" I correct
"uh huh suuure" She says rolling her eyes. I hear a door open.
"I'm cleaned up" Sheridan says chuckling. I flash her a smile and she looks over at Noel quickly.
"Noel, I'm heading to the shops for a while there are some things I need" Sheridan tells Noel. Noel nods.
"Well uh it's getting late should I go with you so you're safe?" I ask. Sheridan looks like she's contemplating it.
"Umm sure I guess hurry though I'm leaving in 5 minutes" She states and I nod quickly getting my jacket on and shoes. 
I get to the door where Sheridan is waiting and she just shakes her head at me and we head to the shops. 
"So what did you need to get at the shops?" I ask her, I thought Noel and I got everything the other day.
"Some stuff I just ran out of and I thought I'd get it before I get pissed for not having it" She chuckles.
"And what is that item?" I ask curiously.
"Toothpaste" She laughs.
"You'd make a huge fuss over toothpaste?" I ask kinda shocked
"Yeah I would, you know me by now Jack, you know I have a very short temper" She jokingly explains.
"Yeah like your height" I retort. Her mouth opens.
"You did NOT just go there Mcloughlin!" She sasses me.
"I did go their and there is nothing you can do about it dammit!" I laugh. 

We had loads of fun at the shops that night playing with the toys in the kids section and doing a whole bunch of stuff  'adults shouldn't do' but we didn't care. It was like we went back in time and we were kids again.



ssosorrsorry foforfor not updating in a while!

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