My Best Friend's Brother

Sheridan had been best friends with Noel Mcloughlin since they were little kids (Nollaig, Irish Noel xP) and Noel has a brother named Sean, A.K.A. Jacksepticeye. But when they get older Jack's channel launches and Sheridan's does as well, her channel is called SherriCherri. But what will happen between Sheridan and Jack? What will happen between Noel and Sheridan? Find out in this story.


1. Prologue



~When they were 6-8 years old~


Sheridan's P.O.V


My family moved to Ireland about a week ago (AN: I dunno where Jackaboy grew up or anything so I'm being bland :P

I was very young and I was so nervous for my first day of Elementary/Primary school. I was in senior infants and it was the middle of the school year so it was winter time. I head into my class very late, only half hour left of class late. Ms.Murphy was my teacher.

I was so scared I didn't look at anyone, I was also very shy. I could tell everyone was looking at me. 

"Oh! Tell us your name darling" I hear the teacher say. I gulp and slowly look up.

"S-Sheridan Holzbach" I say with my American accent. I felt like I didn't belong. Until one Irish girl asked me.

"Where did you live before coming here?" She asks me. I was surprised someone asked.

"Minnesota, United States" I smile shyly.

"I hear it's very cold there, is it?" The teacher asked me. I nod.

"Yeah, it gets super cold in the winter so cold it gets below zero! Brr right? well I try to stay indoors as much as I can in the winter. But when it's not too cold outside my sisters and I would play for hours! Then we'd go inside and make hot chocolate. mmhmm. But it can get very hot in the summer also." I explain.

"Did you leave any friends behind in Minnesota?" The same girls asks another question. I shake my head.

"No I was only in first grade there but here it's senior infants, I didn't really have any friends." I say glumly.

"Well kids it's play time for the rest of the day" Ms.Murphy said. I just stood where I was until the girl who asked me the questions came up to me. 

"I'm Noel (Nollaig) Mcloughlin, nice to meet you Sheridan" She smiles, I smile back. 

"Nice to meet you too" I stick my hand out and we shake hands. I knew this was gonna be the start of a great friendship!


~Packing things up to leave school


"Wanna come over to my house?" Noel asks

"Um sure I'll ask my mom to drive over, what's your address?" I ask her so I could tell my mom, She writes it down, I read it and I was shocked.

"You live right next door!" I giggle and her eyes widen. 

"Then you HAVE to come over" She says. I nod.

"Alright lets go, the bell rung" I say.


~After school


"Hey mom do you think I could go next door and play with Noel? I met her at school today!" I smile and ask. 

"Yes you may but be home by dinner!" She says as I get my small shoes on. I have tiny feet alright? I skip over and knock on the door. 

A boy who seemed not much older than me answered the door, he has chestnut brown hair, ocean blue eyes. 

"Who are you?" He asks in a thick Irish accent.

"I-I'm your next door neighbor, i-is Noel here?" I ask quietly

"Yeah, she is. I'm Sean by the way but you can call me Jack" He smiles. I smile back.


"IS IT SHERIDAN?!" She shouts back.

"Are you Sheridan?" He quickly asks me. I nod

"YES!" He shouts.

"BRING HER UP TO MY ROOM!" She shouts/commands.

"well follow me" He steps in and so do I

"Take your shoes off here" He points to the shoe rack. I take them off.

"Man you have tiny feet" He comments. 

"I-I know" I blush. I continue to follow him up to Noel's room. I knocked and went inside her room. We played with action figures. We talk about superheroes and teenage mutant ninja turtles and other nerdy stuff. Noel became my first and best friend.

We both had knew that we became best friends.

That was also the first time I met Jack. Years and Years past and we've had many embarrassing moments like he's walked in on me changing, I was changing to a swimsuit the first time and the second time I was changing into PJ's because I was staying the night.

But, in his second year he got a girlfriend. Noel knew I had gained feelings for him and was surprisingly okay with it. But.... I was in Sixth Class, I knew I didn't have a chance, it was that simple.

I found it really silly that Noel 'shipped' us together since we first met. But as I got older and older I realized that it became less silly each time I think about it.



AN: So! I'm also writing this sameish story on Quotev so if you've read it on there (which you probably haven't which is okay) and wonder why this is so similar it's because I'm also writing it there!


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