New Girl: by Veronica & Kait

Bella's world is turned upside down when she is asked to Take Zayn's place in One Direction.
Right away she starts to fall for one of the boys. But will he see her growing affections towards him?
Besides that she is not sure if the fans will accept her as a member of the band. Torn, she must choose between what is best and what her heart is telling her.


9. First Date




"So want to go for dinner?" I asked her.

"What about tomorrow?" She suggested.

"Sounds good!"

We sat up for hours, talking. She told me about how her mom died from cancer. And how her dad had came to America when he was 18. "My dad was a firefighter," she told me. "That's how he met my mom, She worked at the hospital. My dad seen her many times, but never had the courage to go talk to her. He felt that she would not want to have anything to do with a junior firefighter. And then, one day, they just bumped into each other and they hit it off at once. Well the rest.. You know. They were married two years later."

"Sounds like you had amazing parents!"

"Yeah their pretty amazing!" Her voice broke ever so slightly. "I really miss my mom. She used to take me to the coffee shop where I worked at. Is was our little hang out! We used to sit right by the window and have lattes and just talk. When we were there together, I could tell her all my problems and worries. Niall, she was so easy to talk to. Then, she gave me advice, she always did it in a gentle and motherly way. I miss those conversations." She took a long breath before going on. "Then on day, while the whole family was out at the park, running and having fun, mom couldn't catch her breath. Dad took her to the hospital and it turned out that she had cancer of the lunges. The doctors said she had been afflicted for a while, I think she knew about it, but she never told any of us. My mom suffered in pain quietly and without complaint. By the time they found the cancer, it had progressed so far that there was no stopping it. All they could do was to make her last months comfortable. She died six months later and I barely had enough time to day goodbye." She looked to me, sitting beside her, listening attentively to ever word she was saying. 

"I'm so sorry that you lost her." I said at last. 

"Thanks Niall! Well I'm tried, good night." She got up and pecked me on the check before she went to bed. I sat there for a few moments before hitting the sack myself.


(Meg) hey I heard you on the radio! I'm sorry about those fans. Want me to boil them into a stew for you? Lol

(Me) haha no Meg. I'm fine honestly. I'm getting ready for a date right now! 

(Meg) Shut Up!!! Your going on a date!!! With who??"

(Me)  With Niall!"

(Meg) What the fudge??? Are you serious?? No freaking way!!

(Me) By the way speaking of dates, are you and Harry still talking?

(Meg) Yes, as a matter of fact we are. And we are going to hang out after he gets back from the tour. 

(Me) Are you guys Skyping and stuff like that. 

(Meg) Can we talk about this latter? And if I remember correctly, you have a date to get ready for.

(Me) all right fine. I'll text you later. And you have to give me the full story. 

(Meg) okay Bye!! Have Fun!!

(Me) oh Don't worry!! I will😍

I got ready for my date with Niall. This was my very first date so I was a little nervous, I had no idea what I was in for. The only know how I had was from the movies I watched. All the mush you see though wasn't real. After two hours I was finally ready. I wore a light blue dress with nude heels. My makeup was light and elegant and my pixie cut was styled with care. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself. "Not bad." I said to the my reflected self. I heard a knock on the door. That must be Niall. I grabbed my small silver purse and opened the door. Niall just stood there dumbfounded.

"wow!" He said with his mouth still open wide.

"What?" I asked a bit to sassy.

"Nothing." He regained his composure. "You look amazing!"

"Thank you! Where are we going?" 

"To a nice little restaurant I discovered last time I was here." 

We headed to the north side of Verona, to this charming Italian cafe. It reminded me of the one in lady and the tramp. We had a wonderful dinner by candle light. After dinner we walked around the city, the sun was just starting to set so the lighting, I thought, was very romantic. It was the most memorable night of my life. When we were on our back to the hotel I turned on the radio, 'I'm yours' was playing.

"I love this song." I Said as I began to sing along.

"Me to." Niall took my hand in his and it sent a chill down my spin.

At last we arrived at the hotel around 11:00 pm. Niall walked me to my room.

"Goodnight!" he said when we got to the door.

"Night!" I said blushing

He turned his head to kiss me, but my head bumped into his, causing him to jerk back. 'well you ruined that one Bella!! good job idiot!' I thought to myself. I ran into the room embraced of what happened and went right to bed.

I was awoken by my phone buzzing. Meg texted. 

(Meg) So... Are you and Niall official?

(Me) no! He went to kiss me. But, I screwed up. I doubt he'll ever take me on another date again! 😭😭

(Meg) Honey I'm sorry. I'm sure everything will be fine. 

(Me) No it won't 😭😭😭😭 I just want to die😩

(Meg) Now Bella get control of yourself!! It will be alright! Now get some sleep. Good night dear.

I was again fast asleep and didn't wake until morning.


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