Christmas All Year😱


5. The Wake (December 27th)

I suddenly hear nurses talking and shaking me. I popped my eyes open, I hear "Is She Okay?" I woke up and said "W-where am I" and I looked around and I was in the hospital the nurses walked away and I yelled FREE to Sam and Abby, They quickly woke up. Sam started yelling "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and Abby just said awesome. (Classic Sam and Abby) anyways this is where the story gets kind of creepy. If you don't like creepy then I would leave because it gets really creepy. HAHAHA JK, don't leave. Anyways we woke up and the nurses explained to us about how a sleigh hit us. I told Sam and Abby about my wish, they didn't get mad because they knew how I wasn't aware of this situation happening. So anyways we walked to the nurse to get our dinner because it was a little bit late like 6ish, anyways we went the the hospital living room thingy and we ate our dinner the news was on talking about how everyone thinks that santa wants to hurt them because the sleigh was hitting everyone and how no mother or father will let there kids open the gifts. OH NO I said if its christmas everyday that means it is against the law for anything to open in ottawa. OH NO HOW ARE WE GONNA EAT abby said. THAT DOESNT MATTER HOW ARE OUR PARENTS GONNA GET HOME said sam. All of a sudden. (Wait for update)

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