Christmas All Year😱


9. The list

When we woke up from our amazing sleep we had a delicious breakfast and watched all the beautiful fish in the sea. Then we decided to look around a little more to see if maybe there were some other delicious desserts hidden somewhere. We looked in the kitchen the living room and everywhere besides our room so we went to our rooms again and we discovered a strange old disgusting string hanging from the ceiling. Stupid Samantha curious as always decided to pull the string. All of a sudden there is was the answers to all of our questions, literally. It was a long old list stating christmas children forever. It was the entire plan for everything. It declared on the list that our parents were stolen and taken to north diolpwert. DIOLPWERT yelled abby, thats in this ocean. What said tessa THEY DROWNDED MY PARENTS. No said abby that is an underwater haunted abbondanod place said abby, only the ones who want to be tortured are there. How far is that I said. Abby replied with if we leave now 2 weeks! Well lets go said tessa. Everyone agreed. Essence said wait but why would they trap us and our parents? And why is it christmas and there is no way that im going to a haunted building AND WHAT IF ITS A TRAP! To many questions said tessa. Ok guys said Abby if we are going to do this we need to use the miny bulletproof boat in the back when we arrive there, we will be very safe in it cause nothing can destruct it and because theres enough space for all of us including our parents! (Wait till update).


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