Christmas All Year😱


6. The Dark Side

Suddenly we heard a loud bang and the entire hospital looked out side. AND GUESS WHAT IT WAS ONLY 6 AND IT WAS SUPER DARK OUT. This was starting to get scary. We turned around and all of a sudden all the doctors had needles and Knives in there hands and said to me Sam and Abby "Your Turn" the lights in the hospital immediately turned off. Me Sam and Abby suddenly heard a yell we ran as fast as we possibly could to see what was wrong and because of that extremely scary doctor😂. And GUESS WHAT it was Tessa and Essence they started crying because they saw the dark lights and just like us they were extremely scared and confused. Abby and Sam just asked why are they here but I felt super bad. I gave them a super big hug and we got one of the giant strollers that were meant for the baby's in the hospital. The stroller had 5 seats for all of us all connected I saw this like lumpish thing that all of us learned in class "if we attach that to the thing we want to move and put two wires on each side it would drive. We all grabbed the lump thing and the wires and we drove it we were so relieved because we were all together and it went really fast (kind of like a car stroller thing) anyways it was pitch black there was no service in the place but lucky we had phones so we put the flashlight on while I was driving. Anyways all we saw where all these mental people chasing us we threw things at the doors to try to escape but it never worked we looked out the window again and we just realized that we were not in Ottawa anymore and we were on a scary island. Everyone including me were just crying. Samantha even hugged Tessa, even tho she hated her. (Wait for update)

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