Christmas All Year😱


4. The change (December 26th)

The next morning was strange, Now this is the part that gets weird. I woke up at my normal time 9AM. Then I walked to the living room which was beside the kitchen to try to make a surprise breakfast for everyone. Anyways beside the christmas tree there were lots of gifts everywhere.They were labelled with from Santa. I assumed it was just a prank but I still wanted to ask the girls. I went to there room and yelled PRESENTS and right away they woke up. I told them and showed them about what I saw and they assumed I was pranking them. We just decided to let it go. I turned on the TV and all of a sudden all the girls and I see on the news is Braking news, Everyone has been getting mysterious presents in there houses which is noted by Santa.......... Everyone is panicking thinking it is a brake in right away my eyes went wide and I turned of the tv. Abby and Sam just yelled yay presents and opened them up. I was very worried. Straight away I told them about what I wished for on my b day and they just thought I was joking suddenly we heard bells outside and we ran out. It was a sleigh and it knocked us out until the next day............. (Wait till update)

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