Christmas All Year😱


3. December 25th😁

It was a cold winter day well have I forgot to tell you IT WAS CHRISTMAS as soon as I woke up I went straight to the girls. They were sleeping in my parents room but how could they sleep in on such a wonderful day! Well at least I loved christmas Sam and Abby just care about the presents. Anyways I always give them a present and  cause they are my bffs and I guess its not harming me. So I ran to there room and quickly woke them up. Abby just said its 9:00am, go back to bed but I reminded her about the gifts and she woke up right away. When Sam heard gifts AKA free stuff her eyes shut open like giving a baby candy. We all ran to the family room to check on what Santa gave us and what all of us got each other. I got Sam Micheal Clifford signed posters and she squeezed me to death and almost cried with tears of joy. I got Abby the Taylor swift album and she actually for once SAID THANKS! Must of been a pretty great album. Anyways once we were done opening all the presents we went caroling they didn't sing they just excepted all the cookies and presents we got from everyone. (Classic Sam and Abby). Then after that we went to our friends house Tessa, I went to go see Tessa but instead Abby and Sam just went for the free food and presents (Once again classic Sam and Abby). After we had really good buffet reservations at a place called vie de gue........Ik ik not really a good name but the food is AMAZING it would take about a year to get a reservation there on Christmas but luckly I was being smart and right away booked it. So we ate played games and shit like that and then it was late and we were all very tired. We watched home alone and then all fell asleep. (Wait for update)

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