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As a child we are taught to rely on our parents but not for Aria Comatis. Since age for she has Cooked, Cleaned, Gotten all A's in school, and has been involved in sports. Recently though she starts working a part time job and the stress becomes too much to bare as the 16 year-olds trust issues get in the way of her being happy and finally having a boyfriend. even if she 'doesn't want one'


1. Back story


How would I describe me?

Well, I work hard and I priorities. I live with my mother and my father and my brother. I know what your thinking, 'Awe she has a nice family' no.

My brother and I are twins and he always party and I really haven't seen him since I was 5-ish. He is never home ever. In school he has popular friends and don't get me wrong he's attractive(for being my brother not like 'ooh I want to date him'), but him and his friends are Jerks.

My mother, she is a lazy drunk who works on business trips all the time, where she cheats on my father and comes home to Scream at me.

Then my father, whom abuses me by smacking some sense into me, and forces me too clean,cook, and work. He is the CEO of a construction company.

I have a lot of stress on my back. It could be worse i know but it's still not the best situation to live in. Yes i have money, but I don't have support I wish I had.

With this being said and you hearing about me bring a straight A student, and being abused you may have thought I was a quite, kind person. which i am in certain situations. I have 4 main friends. They think they know me. They don't.

I am defensive and protective over my 4 friends they are my life, my family. I'm a short tempered person. I won't stand for people messing with my friends and i wont stand for people messing with me. Well anyone but my parents that is. I stand up for myself and my friends who don't all happen to me angles by the way.

Gracie Martinez: She has been my friend since the 3rd grade. She's small, scrawny, and a completely bookworm. I am immensely protective over her. She is too nice, too innocent, she doesn't believe in bad things. It's scary because  all i see is bad things. She's shy though, and very modest. She's a cliche character in a way. Except this time it's not her who lets her guard down. Shes not the main character.

Ben Gray: We all have that one friend who we have secretly had a crush on for years but wont tell them for the sake of your relationship. Yeah that's him and he doesn't seem to like me in the slightest bit. He has had girlfriend after girlfriend. He is opposite of Gracie. Hes strong and handsome and smart and popular. Yeah usually in a story Ben would fall for Gracie, BUT that's not this story! Ben's into every sport out there. We have done every sport together, including ballay. We have been friends since 1st grade.

James Grimmes: He is our druggie. By that I mean hes the one friend who has a bad background and is a bad boy. Yes he is totally my type and totally cute. He just i don't know I met him last year and cant shake the feeling that hes hiding something. He's stubborn and a loser... sorry but its true. I go for the bad boys who I can change and who change me.

Jessica Filis: A preppy cheerleader whom i'm forced to hang out with because shes my brothers girlfriend. She girly and preppy and highly annoying but she comes in handy in a little bit.


My story starts on September 8th... the first day of school. 

Waking up at my normal time- 4:30am I hop in the ice cold shower that felt like needles immediately making me feel more awake. i do my showery routine and hop out not even brushing my hair because its no use. I apply Under-the-eye, black eyeliner making my dark brown eyes pop. I have naturally clear, tan skin and long eyelashes. i take lip gloss doing one coat over my soft lips. I dress in my school uniform. A way too tight white V-cut shirt and a lose flowing skirt that's too short for comfort. 

I look in the mirror hating my appearance because of the disgusting uniform. I swap my white uniform shirt for a black one of the same fit and style. Then grabbing black ripped skinny jeans and throwing them on as well. I head back into my bathroom and apply more eyeliner, then looking at my black eyelashes and deciding they looked fine.I stuff the uniform in my bag knowing that the school would make me change eventually. I throw on black vans and my gold Mary necklace. I look at my long dark drown curly hair that fades into blonde and i leave it. I look and find my red flannel tying it to my waist and checking the time.

5:45, i grab my Iphone and earbuds cranking my Green day music up and grabbing some black coffee on the way out of the house. I walk to my baby. My Harley black motorcycle. i jump on and Drive to school leaving every one in the house still asleep or just waking up.

School. ew gross. I park my baby puling into the catholic parking lot and walking in, im not surprised that Gracie is already here and gasping at my appearance.

"Aria Jane Comatis! What the H-E-double hockey sticks are you wearing" She screams to me. i giggle at her attempt to swear. "clothes, and you? Your wearing a very ugly small piece of clothing that makes you look like a slut" i say whispering the last part because i knew she was sensitive and would scold me  if i didn't.

She gasps though. "i-i do n-no-not" she stammers fluster at least by what i said. "calm down babe you look fine" i gush. yes i call my friends babe you got a problem with it then i have no problem introducing you to my knuckle sandwich.

By this point the rest of my crew files in. "Ar, your looking hot today! those jeans fit your ass nice" Ben comes up kissing my cheek like he does everyday since 5th grade. This time however he grabs my ass. "BEN! You have a girlfriend and your gonna draw attention and im gonna have to change" i whine. I really wasn't in the mood to change yet. "Ar, your wearing all black and i don't know if you have notice but its a catholic school not hell." 

"shut up will you?" James comes in hugging my side and resting his head on my boob as usual.i look down at him his eyes very much bloodshot and he was smelling of weed. "aw i totally ship you too! you guys are so cute" we all groan as Jessica rolls up. "fuck-" 

"Comatis the principle is coming, everyone circle around her." James says cutting me off. im short and so hiding me was no big deal. i was 5" and James was 6'3 and looking down my shirt. i threw my hands to cover and he blushes deeply as the principle passes. 

i checked my phone for the time once again 6:00. "guys class starts in 10" i say but it doesn't matter at this point because Jessica is eating my brothers face off, Gracie had her nose in a book, Ben at his locker across the hall and James in my locker getting my books so we can walk to our first class together.

We walk in class sitting in the way back and talking. More students file in looking at me in disgust. i start talking with James not paying attention. "ms. Comatis go change now!" the middle aged women says. I glare. "make me" i hum.

"excuse me?" she replies. "you heard me. or did you? Well i said MAKE ME!" She gets up pulling me out of my chair to the front of the room, bending me over her desk and about to hit me with the ruler when i spun around and caught the ruler mid swing.

"im changing you bitch. No need to get physical" i grunt walking out of the classroom smile as i flip her off. I change and walk back in less than 5 minutes later. i walk to my seat sitting and doodle on my paper not listening to the lesson this lasted 10 minutes. The door creeks open and i honestly don't care enough to look.i hear whispers and footsteps heading my way, I look up. "Get out of my fucking seat Comatis" 

Derek, my brother best friend and the schools bad boy looks down at me. I giggle he thinks im actually gonna move. "Fuck off Hale" I say. he smirks because he can obviously see straight down my shirt. He picks my desk up moves it forward sets it down and moving the seat that was in-front of me back. So now I am in the second to last row instead of the back. I roll my eyes and continue to doodle.

I felt something on my leg, looking down it was Derek's foot. I look to him and he smirks his eyes tinting darker and his foot moving farther up my leg near the hem of my skirt. I roll my eyes again smacking his foot down which immediately returns to my leg. "would you please stop?! like what the actual fuck you perv"I shout.

"Ms. Comatis, Mr.Hale 2 weeks detention" with that being said the bell rings. i'm apparently now the bad boys new toy.














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