Playlist To a Broken Heart

Just some trashy songs to go along with my trashy life


16. 'when the night keeps you from sleeping'

me- hey

you- hey, hows things?

me- not much, can we talk?

you- ah yeh sure, what about?

me- um us I guess, like okay don't freak out because I'm not gonna talk about any weird feelings, but like can we just be like good friends again and like talk and stuff lol

you- you think liking me is a weird feeling? ah yeah I guess like I could make more of an effort, I do like talking to you, I guess I'm just busy ya know

me- fair like I'm pretty lame and don't have any hobbies so I guess I'm never busy lmao, I don't mean its weird to like you. I just think it is weird for me to have liked you even when we didn't speak lol

you- ah i guess that's weird lol


^^completely inaccurate representation of what ~would~ happen if I spoke to you... ugh



Remedy - Adele

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