I'll see you soon... I hope

Laura Carter has fallen in love but she's joining the army in a month. He doesn't know yet. The thing is they have just met a week ago and Laura thinks when he knows that's it... His gone forever


1. Chapter 1

Hope you enjoy

Am that scared am actually shaking. The palms of my hands are wet due to them being sweaty. I mean, come on... We all get that when were nervous. I got my earphones on full with a bit of my usual tunes playing. As I walk into the building I give my name and take a seat while parting from my music. Am sitting here just watching the clock tick by with the longest 5 minuets I have ever lived.

As someone walks out I look at her. "Miss Carr could you follow me please?" Her hair was tied back in a tight bun and her boots were shiny with her uniform perfect. Laura stay calm, we have known it's been your dream since you was little. Make your dad proud.

As I take a seat she makes me feel welcomed.

"Hello, am Sjt Hughes. From your form you filled out, online, there is just a few questions I need to ask." Right Laura this is your last step, don't mess it up! "Can you confirm your name and date of birth please?"

"My full name is Laura Jade Carr and my date of birth is 16th of the 3rd 2000." Keep it up, your doing fine.

"Yep, what made you think about joining?" Don't brake down or I swear to god I will kill you with a fucking plastic knife.

" I've been dreaming of it since I was younger. When I was 3 my dad left to go fight in France, but never returned... Few days later we found out he had been killed by jumping on top of a grenade to save his soldiers."

"Do you think you have the right attitude to sacrifice your life?" Well duuuuh

"Yes" how manyyyy more???

"We're all done. Congratulations corporal Carr!" KEEP YOUR COOL WOMAN!!!!

"Oh my gosh! Thank you so much." I shake her hand and walk out of the interview as happy as ever! My dream is finally coming true. Basically what just happened, I joined the army. I just want to make my dad proud. I live with my mum and my little sister Leah. My dad died when I was 3 because he saved his other family... Aka soldiers. I've been an army cadet for 4 years now an you learn that the friends you make there are your family and in the army, it's the same. You make friends for life.

A/n- I hope you like it so far. I made it about this because I have honestly never read one about soldiers or the army. Before you hate me for it, I have a lot of respect for soldiers and how I show how I feel is through writing so Ye, wanted to share it with you.

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