Slowly || Harry Styles Fanfiction

Melody Hollyingsworth was just a normal teenage girl. Until one day a prank changed her life.


2. || Chapter 1 ||

 || Melody's POV ||

     My eyes shot open as I was splashed with ice cold water. I opened my eyes only to see my dear,sweet mother fucking family surrounding me(cue mental eye roll). My mom had a camera in her and which indicates to me that she fucking took a picture of me."Happy Birthday Mel! Oh I can't believe your 17 already. It's like just yesterday you were in diapers." said my mom tearing up. "Thank god one more year till I get your room" said my 13 year old brother Caylnn." Shut the fuck up Cay!" I said throwing a pillow in his face. "Make me bitch" he said back. "Watch your language Caylnn... you to Mel" said my father grinning and scolding us at the same time. "Ok, Mel make a wish" said my mom holding a cake dangerously close to my face. I closed my eyes 'I wish one day i'll be noticed for my music' I quickly blew out my candles. " Now will you please get the fuck out of my room before I kill you all with a fucking fork." I said with a sickly sweet smile while glancing at the fork on my nightstand. That made them leave. Once they finally left I got my lazy ass up and went to the bathroom to get ready for whatever the fuck I was going to do today. I did my business in the shower then headed to my bedroom-sized closet and picked out my birthday outfit.

I looked in my full-sized mirror and smiled at my reflection. I walked to my huge makeup table and started on my hair and makeup.

I grabbed my keys and my phone and put them in my purse and headed downstairs. I looked on my phone and saw I got a text from Marianna.


Mar-hey meet me at Starbucks in 5?

Me-Ok..Bitch you better have my present

Mar-Calm your tities 

Me-Shut the hell up hoe

Mar-Make me slut

Me-Ok I will when I see you byeeeee :)



I grabbed my purse and headed out the door.



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