The story of Phan

This is the story of Phan (Danisnotonfire) (AmazingPhil) Phan is one of the best fandom's ever. Hope you enjoy the story. If so please let me know enjoy.


1. It's time for highschool

                                                      Monday morning!                                                                                                       Dan's pov.                                                                    Today's the first day of school i need to get dressed *put's on black skinny jeans and a black shirt and black shoe's* yep that should do it. Out the door we go *get's in the car* i can't believe it's senior year. I'm here for the last year and then it's off to college. *Walk's into class*. (Phil walk's in) it's him it's really him it's Phil. He's the cutest boy in the school. (Phil walk's over to Dan hey Dan) he remembered my name don't say anything stupid h-hi Phil. (Phil smirks) he's so cute and that smirk ugh i just wished he felt the same way. (Sorry for the short chapter but I hope you guys enjoy it)

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