You're My Music


7. 7.

 I walked out of the door and and walked to the music store.

 "Hi, Adam." I said as I walked in.

 "Oh, hi Jacob. I haven't seen you come in here for a while." He said, cleaning some instruments.

 "Yeah, I've been confused as hell lately." I said.

 "Life is confusing."

 "Hey, Adam, can I play the piano?" I asked.

 "There's the Jacob I know. Help yourself." Adam smiled.

 I sat down and took a deep breath.

 A girl sat down next to me as I started playing. I smiled and we started playing the piano together.

 She had black and blue hair and green eyes. She was wearing a black shirt with a skull on it. Her jeans were ripped.

 She smiled at me.

 "I'm Ember, by the way." She said.

 "I'm Jacob. Nice to meet you." I smiled.

 Adam walked over to us.

 "You guys sound amazing. You know, if you two sang together, I bet you'd attract a lot of business."

 I looked at Ember and smiled.

 "Do you know Piece by Piece?" Ember asked.


 "And all I remember, is your back. Walking towards the airport, leaving us all in your past." She sang.

 "I traveled fifteen hundred miles to see you, I begged you to want me, but you didn't want to." I sang.

 "But piece by piece, he collected me, up off the ground where you abandoned things. Piece by piece, he filled the holes that you burned in me at six years old. And you know, he never walks away, he never asks for money, he takes care of me, he loves me. Piece by piece, he restored my faith, that a man could be kind and a father could..." We sang and paused.


 A bunch of people started clapping and I jumped. I looked behind us to see a crowd.

 Ember laughed.

 "You were amazing." I smiled.

 "You were too." She blushed.

 "Would you maybe want to hang out?" I asked.


 We went to my house and played Just Dance. Cora walked out of her room and looked at us.

 "What are you guys doing? Who is she?" Cora asked.

 "We're dancing. This is Ember." I smiled.

 "Who's that?" Ember asked me.

 "My sister, Cora." I said.

 Cora growled and went back into her room.

 "Can we stop now?" I asked, breathing hard.

 She turned the game off and I collapsed on the ground.

 "You need help?" 

 "Leave me here to rot." I laughed.

 She laughed and helped me up.

 After a month, we were great friends and we told each other everything. We were at the arcade, playing video games.

 "Ha, bye sucker!" She laughed.


 She hit my car with her's and I flew off of the road.

 "Okay, that was rude." I laughed. 

My car exploded into flames.

 "You just murdered me! Hope you're happy." I laughed.

 "Just be glad it's a game." She smirked.

 "Is that a challenge I smell?" I asked.

 A paused for a minute.

 "Oh, wait, those are burgers. Count me in." I laughed.

 She giggled and followed me.

 I handed her a burger and she smiled.

 She got some mustard on her nose.

 I laughed and wiped it off for her with a napkin.

 Cora ran up to me, grabbed my arm, and pulled me away.

 "What are you doing?" I asked.

 "I could ask you the same thing."

 "I'm hanging out with Ember... are you sure you're not blind?" I asked.

 "Jacob, you need to stop hanging out with her." Cora growled.

 "Why are you acting so jealous?" I smirked and walked away.

 I walked over to Ember and she smiled.

 "What did your sister want?"

 "I need to tell you something." I said and we sat down.

 "Okay, she's not actually my sister. She's not even my best friend. We're just friends." I said.

 "Do I have anything to worry about?" Ember giggled.

 "Nothing at all." I blushed.

 "What did she want?"

 "She wanted me to stop hanging out with you. I don't see why it would affect her anyways."

 Ember smiled and hugged me.

 "Good, because I love hanging out with you."

 "I love hanging out with you, too." I smiled.

 "Oh, by the way, I saw something that reminded me of you." She said and grabbed my arm.

 She led me to a painting on the wall.

 It was a painting of a heart made out of music notes.

 I smiled.

 She turned to me and started talking, but all I heard was the song we sang together the day we met.

 I stared at her lips, her eyes, her dimples, her hair, and the way she smiled.

 The world disappeared and it was just us. Apparently, I was smiling and staring at her without saying a word because she pinched me.

 "What?" I asked.

 She giggled.

 "Are you alive?"

 "Yeah." I laughed.

  We went to a photo booth and I looked at her.

 "Hey, Ember?" I asked.

  "Yeah?" She asked.

 "Would you maybe like to... uh..."

 She stared at me.

 "Go on a date with me?" I asked.

 She looked at me, speechless.


 I stared at her, my heart beating out of my chest.

 "I'd love to." She smiled.

 I smiled, held her hand, and kissed her cheek right as the last photo was taken.

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