You're My Music


5. 5.

  After a while, Cora walked in.

 "It's time for dinner, Spaz." She giggled.

 "Hey." I laughed.

 We walked into the kitchen and everything was set up.

 "Are your aunt and uncle gourmet chefs of something?" I whispered to her.

 She laughed and we sat down.

 A little boy ran in and glared at me.

 "That's my cousin." Cora whispered to me.

 "Is he going to murder me in my sleep?" I asked.

 He kept giving me nasty looks.

 "Okay, I sleep with one eye open." I laughed.

 After dinner, Cora and I watched movies in the living room.

 "You idiot! He's the killer!" Cora shouted.

 Intense music played and I felt two hands on my shoulder.

 "GET THE HOLY WATER!" I shouted and fell on the floor, popcorn spilling everywhere.

 I laid on the floor, my face in the carpet.

 I heard laughing and I looked up to see her cousin.

 "Derek, that wasn't nice." Cora said and Derek ran to his room.

 "Tonight should be interesting." I said and stood up.

 The movie continued on and later, Derek popped up from behind the couch and shouted, 'Boo!'

 I fell on the floor again.

 "Turd nugget!" I yelled and ran after him.

 I followed him into his playroom.

 "Shh..." He said and handed me a Nerf gun.

 "What's this for?" I whispered.

 He pointed into the living room couch that Cora was sitting on.

 "Are we in this together or nah?"

 "Well, she's my girlfriend..." I said and he got in my face.

 "Are we in this together or nah?" He repeated again.

 "Okay, okay."

 "On the count of three, we ambush her." Derek said and once he reached three, we dashed into the living room. I jumped in front of her pointed the Nerf gun at her.

 I tried shooting her but there was no ammo.

 She took out a gun too and Derek pointed his at me.

 "Holy egg waffle." I said and dropped my gun. I dashed to my room.

 Right as I got to my door, they started shooting darts at me. I fell on the floor with my face on the carpet.

 "TREASON!" I shouted.

 After a few minutes, they stopped shooting me. I got up and saw myself covered in darts.

 "YOU MONSTERS." I laughed.

 Derek smiled and Cora giggled.

 "You should see me at video games." Derek smirked and walked away.

 Cora laughed and helped me take the darts off.

 I looked at her and smiled with an evil look on my face.

 "What are you thinking?" Cora giggled.

 "Can I borrow that gun?" I asked.

 She handed it to me and I loaded the darts into it and silently followed Derek.

 "FIGHT ME!" I shouted and when I went back into the living room a few minutes later, I was covered in more darts.

 "I hate everything." I said, dropped the gun and sat on the couch.

 "I'm guessing that didn't work." Cora smirked.

 "Cora, this kid must be a champion shooter or something. Like, the John Cena of shooting people with toy darts." I laughed.

 She put her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her. 

 "What if he pops up behind you again?" Cora asked.

 "Then I will surely die."

 That night, I laid in bed and stared at the ceiling. I sighed and went into the kitchen to get some water. I used my phone as a flashlight.

 "Water, water, water." I said as I poured some. 

 I gulped it down and went back to my room. I felt my foot touch something and I fell out of bed. I stood back up and saw an envelope.

 "What is this?" I said to myself and opened it.

 I grabbed a blanket and went into her room.

 "Movie?" She asked and I nodded.

 We watched a comedy and I felt her drifting off to sleep.

 I kissed her forehead and covered her up.

 It was already morning, and the sun was rising.

 I closed the blinds and laid down in my room.

 I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. I only dreamed of one thing; Cora. I dreamed that Cora and me were getting married. When I woke up, I was holding my pillow tight.

 Derek was standing in the doorway.

 "That pillow must smell good." He said and left.

 I stood up and stretched.

 I walked into the kitchen to see Derek staring at me.

 "Good morning." I said.

 "Mommy and daddy left for work and they told me to ask you to cook breakfast." He said.

 "Okay, what do you want?" I asked.

 "Sausage." He said.

 I started cooking and after it was done, I put it on his plate. 

 Cora walked in.

 "Where are they?" Cora asked.

 "Work." Derek said.

 "It's Sunday. They don't work on weekends." Cora said.

 "They do today." Derek smirked.

 "Derek, what are you hiding?" I asked.

 "Okay, fine. They're bringing something home. They told me not to tell you." 

 Derek went to his room.

 I held Cora.

 "Good morning." I laughed.

 "Why didn't you say that when I walked in?" She giggled.

 "I thought the the shampoo was hand soap. My brain wasn't awake." I laughed.

 She laughed and I kissed her. 

 A few hours passed and all three of us were watching TV. The front door opened and Cora's aunt and uncle were carrying bags. They set the bags on the ground and looked at us.

 "What's that? Cora asked.

 "Come check it out."

 We looked in the bags and we saw pool rings, sunscreen, and a beach ball.

 "What's all of this for?" Derek asked.

 "Get packed, you guys. We're going to California! They cheered.

 "Really?!" We cheered.

 "Yep. We're taking you out of school for the next week for a well deserved vacation."

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