You're My Music


1. 1.

      Ever since I was a young boy, my life was based off of music. My parents made me spend all my free time on  practicing instruments but my favorite of them all was the piano. I never stepped out of line. My parents had my whole future planned out. I always followed their rules with no retaliation; that is, until high school.

  I walked through the front doors to see kids walking into the gym. I took a deep breath and followed. I sat next to a boy who looked like he had no clue about what was happening either. 

 "Freshman?" I asked.

 "Yep." He sighed.

 "So do we... just sit here until the first bell?" I asked.

 "Your guess is as good as mine, kid."

 "My name is Jacob, by the way." I said and held out my hand.

 "Aaron." He said and made his hand into a fist.

 "Don't punch me..."

 "You don't know fist bumps, do you?"

 "Fist bump?" I asked.

 "Make your hand into a fist."

 I held my fist up and we bumped fists.

 "There you go." He said.

 I laughed and took out my schedule.

 "What class do you have first?"


 "Same here." I said and put my fist up.

 "Jacob, you don't fist bump right now. You have a lot to learn. Thankfully, I'm a great teacher." He laughed.

 The bell rang.

 "I guess it's time for class." He said and we stood up.

 When we walked into the science room, Aaron and me sat next to each other.

 The teacher walked up to us.

 "What are your guy's names?" She asked.

 "I'm Aaron, sup?" 

 "Well, hi." She laughed and then looked at me.

 "And you?"

 "Jacob, charmed." I said and held out my hand. 

 She shook my hand.

 "Nice to meet you." She smiled and walked to some other students.

 Aaron stared at me.


 "Okay, you have your own way of greeting people, I respect that. But bro, you're not the king of England."

 "England is a great place. Me and my family went there for vacation once." I said.

 The classroom door shut and the teacher walked in front of the class.

 "Hello, class. I am Mrs. Harrison. Today, we will begin class by completing a word search." She said and handed out papers.

 "Is this even work?" I asked, staring at it.

 "No, and that's why it's awesome!" Aaron said and started finding words.

 At lunchtime, Aaron went to the cafeteria but I went straight to the music room.

 "Don't you want lunch?"

 "No, I'm fine." I said and Aaron shrugged.

 I sat by the piano and ran my fingers gently over the keys. I started playing, forgetting the world.

 I felt a tap on my shoulder and I jumped. A lady stood there.

 "Oh, my sincerest apologies, ma'am. I didn't mean to cause trouble." I said and stood up.

 "What's your name?" She asked.

 "Jacob Asher." I said.

 "Well, Jacob, to kick off the school year, I will be holding a musical. I assume you're a freshman?"

 "Yes, ma'am."

 "Well, sadly, you're too young to participate. But, I'll tell you what, how would you like to play piano for the students auditioning?" She asked.

 "I would love that." I smiled.

 She handed me a piece of paper.

 "Here's the schedule." She smiled and left the room.

 When I got home that day, I told mother and father about what happened.

 "I forbid it, Jacob. You will not be playing piano in public unless it's for money or a scholarship." Father said and went into his office.

 I stared at the schedule and sighed.

 "Yes, sir." I sighed and walked to my room.

 The next day, I sat next to Aaron in the gym.

 "What's wrong?" He asked.

 "My father won't let me play piano for the students auditioning for the musical. He says I have to get money or a scholarship to participate." I sighed.

 "Jacob, is it possible they're being too strict?"

 I looked at him.

 "What? No, no. They're just trying to protect my future is all."

 "Well, is the future they have planned for you the future you want?"

 "No." I sighed.

 "It's not their life to plan. It's yours. They can't live your life. Sometimes, you have to walk your own path. Put fresh footprints in the snow." Aaron said.

 I took the schedule out.

 "I know you're right, but I have never disobeyed my parents."

 "There's a first time for everything." Aaron said and the bell rang.

 Aaron stood up and walked to class. I stayed still, staring at the schedule.

 "A first time for everything." I repeated and stood up.

 As soon as I got home, I went up to my parents.

 I put my backpack on the floor and they glared at me.

 "That's not where the backpack goes, mister." Mom growled.

 "And my life isn't your's to live. What are we going to do about that?"

 "Are you sassing me?!" Dad shouted.

 "You tell me. You seem to have my whole life planned out. It's Tuesday, right? Open the big book of my life and see if you planned this." I said and walked to my room.

 The next day after school, I went straight to the music room.

 "Welcome back, Jacob." The teacher smiled.

 "Glad to be here." I said and sat on the piano bench.

 After a few auditions, the music teacher came over to me.

 "Okay, so here's the song to play for the next audition." She said and handed me a piece of paper.

 The teacher sat down.


 I started playing music and I heard a beautiful voice singing. I quickly looked over to the stage to see a beautiful girl with long, flowing, blonde hair. Her voice sounded like a thousand melodies, perfectly mixed into a song.

 The world faded away and it was just me playing piano and her singing beautifully. I daydreamed of her in a dress, the spotlight hitting her while I played piano.

 She stopped singing and I snapped back to reality.

 She took a bow and got off of stage. I stared at her as she walked away.

 "Are you okay?" The music teacher asked.

 "Uh, yeah." I said.

 As I walked home that day, I kept hearing her voice inside my head. I opened the door and dad was standing by the door with his arms crossed.

 "Mister, you're home an hour and a half late." He growled.

 "I know." I said and walked past him.

 "I want an explanation."

 "That's funny, because I always wanted my own life. But here I am, 16 years later. I'll give you that explanation in 16 years." I smirked and went to my room.

 I woke up the next morning and started making myself breakfast.

 "What do you think you're doing?" Dad asked.

 "Making breakfast for myself."

 "Hmm.. that's funny because those eggs aren't yours. That pan isn't yours." He growled.

 "I'm not yours either." I said and he grabbed the pan.


 "You don't follow our rules, you don't get to use our appliances." Dad smirked.

 "You know, I've always wanted to try soda. I don't need a fridge or anything and I can buy it." I smiled and walked to the door.

 "That's too much sugar."

 "I already don't use your appliances, so what's another rule to break?" I asked and walked out of the front door.

 I sat by Aaron in the gym and sipped on my soda.

 "I didn't know this stuff tasted so good." I said.

 "That's like the equivalent of beer for a normal rebel." Aaron laughed.

 I smiled and put the soda in my backpack.

 "I feel amazing." I smiled.

 "Standing up to your parents must be a real rush."

 "Not just that, Aaron. I was playing the piano yesterday and this amazing girl was auditioning. She had the prettiest blonde hair, the kindest smile, and the best voice I have ever heard in my life."

 "Who was she?" Aaron asked.

 "Grace." I smiled.

 "Someone's crushing." Aaron smirked.

 "I could listen to her forever."

 "You should talk to her." Aaron said.

 "No, no, no. She's so amazing and I'm just the dork that plays piano. She's out of my league anyways." I said.

 "You never know."

 "She's a grade higher than me. She would never talk to me."

 "Remember what I said? There's a first time for everything. And standing up to your parents worked out well."

 "I don't know." I said and the bell rang. 

As everybody ran to their lockers, I  crashed into somebody. I looked to see Grace.

 "Oh, I'm so sorry." I said helped her gather her books.

 "It's fine." She laughed.

 I blushed a little bit.

 "Hey, you were the piano player." She smiled.

 "Heh, yeah." I laughed nervously.

 "We should talk sometime. I have to get to class." She laughed and walked away.

 I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around to see a tall guy.

 "Kid, what do you think you are doing, talking to my girl?"

 "I just helped her pick up her books..."

 "You better be telling the truth." He growled and pushed me. He walked past me.

 I glared at him.

 "Jerk." I growled.

 He quickly turned around and went up to me.

 "What did you just say, kid?"

 "What's that?" I asked and pointed down the hall. 

 When he looked away, I dashed to class.


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