Hero of the hunt

Percy Jackson is one of the Seven Heroes to march to Athens to save the Gods. But he risks his life for the others. Now he dies to protect Annabeth. And he will never come back, or does he. Pertemis story !!
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2. Second Death?

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 The next time I gain conscious I knew that I would have to look things in the eyes and find out what have happened. So, I waited there for 5 minutes, with my eyes closed trying to find confidence before dealing with the things that waited me.

After that time I opened my eyes and saw my surroundings. I was in the same room as before except this time no one was around and I could not tell where I really was, maybe on Olympus, without even knowing what time it was, or day. So I got up, headed straight to the shower and after that I put on some fresh clothes I found in a wardrobe and I finally felt a lot better.

As I exited the room I found myself in a big corridor with photos hanging in the walls. As I saw them I knew I was in my mother’s palace in Olympus since all the faces I saw where my siblings. At the end of the hallway and after some stairs I found a large living room. That time the main door opened and Hazel stepped in.

‘Hey, I see you are a little better’ said giving me a hug.

‘Thank you for everything’ I whispered and she smiled back.

‘What happened after I was... killed?’ I asked nervously as memories came back.

‘All things will get clear. Do not worry. We must get going. We are way too late.’

‘Wait one moment. Who is waiting? And above all, how much time has it passed since I was brought here.’

‘Oh, the council of course. There is a meeting. And it’s been only 2 days. The only thing I can say is that the world is safe and that our camps are in harmony’.

‘Glad it is ok. Now let’s get going’ I said leaving.



I cannot believe that Percy died. I was on my dad’s palace in Olympus after the battle and while we are all recovering from injuries, physical or emotional we stayed to our parents places. He was one of the best guys I had ever met. Not only he had the leading role on battle of Manhattan on the second Titan war, but we were also the leader of both camps. And in the case of the Romans , he managed it in so little time. After that he had survived Tartarus. Alongside with Annabeth he had something no one ever has ever done. I from what I saw that was the thing that brought these two so close. Now that he was gone and Annabeth back from the dead, she was going through very hard time. I cannot believe that I would ever get through something like that with Piper.

But I thing now is not the time for the past. We, the Heroes of Olympus had to be present in the Council meeting for the report of the battle. As I left the palace I was for the last 2 days, I saw Leo and Piper already waiting outside the throne room and Frank alongside Hazel and Annabeth coming towards us. Annabeth seemed lost and devastated, why she shouldn’t. But she was tough and I was sure she was gone last. Then I saw Nico appearing from a shadow and Reyna came with her Pegasus, who seemed like grieving, probably for Percy too.

In silence we stepped into the Throne room all together, as the Gods waited for us.

I looked before the assembled Council and I could sense a general bad mood. One of the greatest heroes of Olympus was dead. I noticed that Hades was also present, since it was a special situation. Poseidon was just sitting on his throne without noticing anything around him.

‘Heroes’ said Zeus making all of the Gods focus on us, even Poseidon. ‘You were summoned here today so that we make a review of all the incidents that occurred and for your rewards.’

‘So, Athena, how about you give us a retrospect of the battle after the…uhm death… of Annabeth’ Zeus continued, while glaring at Athena, her daughter little annoyed as the last one had cheated death.

‘I will my Lord. ‘Well, while Enceladus died, so did the other Giants from the hands of the Heroes. But the battle was far from over. As we all understood when Percy died, Gaea awakened.’ Athena started before a sob was heard from Annabeth as his name was mentioned. I could see that also Hazel and Piper tried to conceal a tear or two, for the shake of their friend. ‘After the last giant Porphyrion fell, the earth sook violently while Gaea form a body destroying half the Acropolis. Then out of nowhere Festus appeared grabbing hold of Gaea while Leo was on the dragon’s back, which seemed like he rebuilt under the board of Agro II. Then Jason grabbed Piper and took off where they defeated the ancient goddess with rather an intelligent way. Care to explain Jason’ finished Athena as all of the attention turned to me.

‘Yes, thank you. As I was trying to find a way for defeating Gaea, I remembered the history, in which Uranus was defeated in the earth, away from his power boost. So we reverted the whole thing, taking Gaea to the sky were she was weakened and using fire from Festus and Leo and the charm speak of Piper we defeated her.’ I said as I earned some admire glances.

‘Percy did it also’ commented Annabeth just as she started to cry from a memory while Piper and Hazel run beside her.

‘Very well then.’ Said Zeus. ‘Time for the rewards.’


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