Hero of the hunt

Percy Jackson is one of the Seven Heroes to march to Athens to save the Gods. But he risks his life for the others. Now he dies to protect Annabeth. And he will never come back, or does he. Pertemis story !!
*Spoiler Alert!!! ** I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING*


1. Death of a Hero

Hello everyone.

This is a Pertemis story. I know Percanabeth is cute and everything…but I fancy them more. Anyway, I will begin this story and whether it gains some popularity and some of you review I will continue it. The story continues from Blood of Olympus from the last battle scene. Anyway, I hope you like, I will give my best and… have fun. Also I want to apologise for any mistakes !
I do not own anything.



After the ship went down and our effort of holding the giants, we were forced into a defensive ring. Annabeth was right next to me and I turned to see the eyes I have always loved. This was our last battle. For good. I just wanted to live with the woman I loved.

But now I knew that I should focus on my task ahead. I saw Porphyrion getting ready to attack when the skies opened. Literally. And saw the Olympians marching to our help. All in their Olympian height, full armored in their chariot each. Zeus first with Nike in his right, who have flown out of the Argo II. My father with a beautiful see green chariot. They radiated power and I could stare at them, trying to absorb all the details. Till I caught a movement with my corner and I knew instantly what was going to happen and I was ready to sacrifice everything. For her. As I leaped I turn to see her one more time before I felt the pain and hearing her screaming my name.



 All my happiness I ever left in my life was vaporized the moment I saw Percy leap in front of me as an enormous spear cracking with lighting hit him right in his chest. And it was my mistake. If I had not been gazing the 12 Olympian gods as they were coming from the sky, I would probably saw the attack. I should have been prepared. Instead I had lost the only man I truly loved.

 I was screaming his voice without noticing as he dropped in the ground. And then it happened. The earth shook. The Blood of Olympus have been spilt. Gaea was awaken.

Then it all got red. I charged at the giants for revenge. Something they never expected. For the good part I found my friends running beside me with tears in their eyes while Jason yelled ‘for Percy’. For the next 20 minutes all I did was fighting the giants that had cost me half my life. With the Gods beside me. After I took down Enceladus with the help of my mother, I turned my attention on the battlefield. Jason with his father was dealing with Porphyrion, Piper and Aphrodite with Peroibia while Poseidon was strangling with Polybotes. And that’s where I run to help.

 While the giant was focused on the God I tried attacking from behind only to find that the Giant has already seen me. As he attacked with his trident I tried to duck backwards but he expected it. And grabbed me with his arm. That was all Poseidon needed to stab the giant with his weapon win the chest. And I was the only one that I could help him now. So I aimed and threw my dagger into his chest. But before the giant crumbled to nothingness, he threw me with such force in the ground that I wasn’t even able to scream.

After that it was all black, until I suddenly was back to the battlefield, with all my friend and Gods around me, looking at me with concern while I was in pain. I could not think right. I had to be dead. At least I would be with Percy. Then it hit me. The phician cure. So, how and why did give it to me?

‘Annabeth’, said Hazel, ‘lie down; we do not know what the effects may be.

As soon I heard her I rolled over her and pinned her on the floor.

‘WHY? TELL ME WHY? WHY DID YOU GIVE IT TO ME AND NOW PERCY? WHY?’ I scream as the loss and the pain caught up with me. ‘He was my everything, my life.’ I said as I started sobbing while Athena came and held me tight. The last thing I remember before passing out from exaction and maybe effect from the cure was Poseidon and my friends taking care of Percy’s motionless body.

The next time I opened my eyes, I was lying in a bed. Piper and Hazel were with me in my room. Their eyes red and puffy from crying. ‘How do you feel?’ I heard a voice and turned to see Apollo.

‘Physically or mentally?’ I asked trying not to cry. ‘Crap ‘as I starting to sob again.

I would not see his green eyes again or taste his lips. I would never see the smiled I loved. The girls came and hugged me while whispering words of encouragement in my ear. After a while I started to concentrate. ‘Please, tell me just why?’ asked Hazel in a small voice.

‘He asked as. He told us that if anything could happen and it was him or any one from us and especially you, that we should not use it on him.’

‘Always the idiot hero that put everyone before himself’ I said starting crying again as the memories where much too painful, until I was once more exhausted and slept with dreams that were the worse, not only from my experience of the underworld but also from Percy.


Anyway, this is it. Maybe a little small for the first chapter but I hope good. I want to ask for your reviews so that you help me improve ! I want to thanks everyone in advance ! 

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