all the little children need to come home

After the sudden death of her son, the story follows points of view (Heaven and Earth) as they learn to adjust to these tragic circumstances and come to terms with their loss. In Heaven, though, the son is encouraged to tell and show his family and friends t0 other children, to let them know that families can be caring and safe. One little angel, Haley, becomes so entranced with his mom, that she decides to leave Heaven and show up at the mother's front door. Little by little, all the little children who have been listening to the young man's stories about his world begin to find the families that will love them. The world is enchanted by the suddenness of all these little children showing up on doorsteps, supermarkets, churches,
everywhere around the town of Woodridge Lake to claim a good and loving family. Michael, the angel who guides all the newly arrived souls, asks the young man to go down and collect the children. He cannot show his human form to anyone who knows him.


1. one

There was a whispering among the wind about the changes that were approaching.  Little footsteps clamored daintily above the clouds in the darkened sky as nighttime arrived. Skittish little giggles, mixed with happiness of little ones who had never had the chance to experience what life was all about. Innocence. Someone was going to join them. That’s all they knew and they anxiously anticipated the arrival.
But there were sad whisperings among the wind as well. From those who had lived well beyond the years of the little ones. They knew the heartbreak that was coming. They were all prepared to swoop down upon the loved ones who would be left behind.  Their job was to protect and comfort, and help with the healing.
 It was usually easier with those of faith. They were the ones who somehow understood through their shock, and anger and pain, that somehow they would get through. They would choose to get through it because of their faith. They would somehow rely on the truth that there was a better place waiting. Although they would not agree easily, because they still wanted them here, not there, they were willing to step into a new tomorrow, with trepid steps and a hopeful heart. They learned to bring the memories with them and appreciate the time they had.  It is a hopeful expectation that life, as difficult as it was to wake each morning and continue to breathe, would go on in a new bewildering world.
But it would be the ones who did not believe, or hope to understand that where they were now was just a brief place in time. These were the ones that were the hardest to protect and guide to healing. For they stayed in a place of anger, fraught with a fear and a missing that left them feeling helpless…so bereft. For the normal outlines of faith and hope would not work for them. Things needed to be proven. Even in the absence of any proof at all.
And so the wind wept quietly as the smiles of little children and the tears of those who were older, waited gently into the night, sadly anticipating the coming of what would break many hearts below.


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