The Most Unexpected Places

Sometimes, you find things in the most unexpected places... and that's just fine.


5. 5.

 "Leo..." She said, shock in her eyes.

 "Violet, my life has been better ever since I met you. There's nobody else on this Earth that I'd rather be with. When I'm next to your side, everything is better. I didn't believe in love until you. I want to be by your side forever. You make me the happiest man alive. Will you marry me?"

  She smiled and tears rolled down her cheek.

 I smiled.

 "Of course."

 I stood up, put the ring on her finger, and kissed her.

 Evan cheered.

 "Mommy said yes!"

 "You knew about this?" Violet asked.

 "Duh." He laughed.

 She laughed and hugged me tight.

 Evan hugged our legs.

 A few months passed, and I had moved in.

 Violet and I were sleeping and I felt Evan jump on the bed.

 "WAKE UP!" He said and shook me awake.



  "Shh. I'll go check it out. Stay here with mom." I said and grabbed an umbrella.

 I silently went downstairs to hear the fridge open.

 I lifted the umbrella and turned on the light to see Eli stuffing his face with pizza.

 "Oh, hi." He said with his mouth full.

 I sighed, relieved.

 "What's up with the umbrella?" He asked, his mouth still full.

 "How'd you get in?" I asked.

 "Um... I went through the front door. By the way, on an unrelated note, you might need to get a new lock."

 I stared at him, half asleep.

 A moment passed.

 "Okay, it's too early to deal with your nonsense." I said and put the umbrella by the door.

 I sat at the table and yawned.

 "I probably should've asked this right off the bat, but what are you doing here?" I asked.

 "What? I can't come see you guys?"

 "Eli, it's two in the morning." I said.

 He paused.

 "Okay so here's the situation." He said.

 I looked at him.

 "So I was at the store, right? A lady walked up to me and she just stared at me. She didn't say anything. I asked, you know, 'why you looking at me bro?' and she walked away like nothing even happened."

 I stared at him.

 "So, you came here at two in the morning because some lady was looking at you?"

 "No, no, it gets worse. I asked the cashier who she was and he said that that lady was a regular by the name of Betty."


 "Yeah. Betty Johnson. I didn't recognize her. But as soon as her name slipped out of that cashier's mouth, I rushed down here."

 "ARE YOU CRAZY?!" I yelled and ran to the window.



 "Well, I tried texting you and calling you but you were asleep like a baby so yeah, now we're here."


  "Relax, she didn't even recognize me."

"Yes, she did! She stared at you! It's not like she goes up to a stranger and does that!"

 A car pulled into the driveway.

 "Oops." Eli said.

 "Eli, go tell Evan and Violet to stay in that room." I said.

 "Are you sure you don't need help?"


 He rushed up the stairs and I stood by the door.

 The doorbell rang and I opened the door but left the glass door shut.

 "Oh, hello. Long time to see." I said.

 "Open the door." She growled.

 "Um... no, no I'm good."

 She took out a gun.

 "I said open the door."

 I unlocked the door and she slowly walked in.

 "Little Leo." She laughed. 

 I kept backing up.

 She held the gun up.

 "I remember when you were a good kid."

 "So do I." I gulped.

 "It's a shame, but we both knew it was coming to this." She grinned.

 Eli walked to the bottom of the stairs.

 "DUCK!" I shouted and he hit the ground.

 "And you!" She said, growling at Eli.

 I grabbed the umbrella and whacked her over the head.

 She fell to the ground.

 She grabbed my leg and pointed the gun at me.

 "You thought everything was going to be okay! You sat back and watched them! You watched them murder your brother!" She shouted.

 Eli stomped on her hand and she dropped the gun.

 I grabbed it and pointed it at her.

 "You wouldn't dare." She smirked.

 "Try me."

 "BEHIND YOU!" Eli screamed, still holding her down.

 I looked behind me and a guy tackled me to the ground and grabbed the gun.

 The guy stood up and looked down at me, pointing the gun at my face.

 I kicked him in the balls and stood up. I grabbed the gun and put my back against the wall, holding the gun. My hands shook.

 "Do it, Leo! Hurry!"

 I shot the guy in the head and ran over to Eli, who was still holding the woman down.

 I heard a gunshot and I felt a horrible pain in my leg.


 There was another man behind me. I shot him and the woman. I collapsed on the ground, holding my leg.

 Eli grabbed his phone and called the cops.

 He crouched next to me and tried to stop the bleeding.

 When the ambulance got here, Eli ran to the room to make sure Evan and Violet were okay.

 They ran down the stairs as the medics were putting me in the back of the ambulance.

  "Daddy!" Evan cried.

 I wiped his tears.

 "I'll be okay."

 Violet held my hand tight.

 "I love you." I said.

 "We love you too." She said and kissed me.

 They rode in the back of the ambulance with me.

            After a while, we all sat in the hospital room. Eli walked in.

 "Are you okay?"

 "Yeah. Hey, could you take Evan to get ice cream?"

 "Yeah." He said and they left the room.

   "What happened out there?" Violet asked as soon as they left.

  I held her hand.

  "Babe... that was my mom."


  "When I was younger, my brother, Miles, got into a fight. Eli and I had no clue what to do. We were only 4 at the time, and one of the guys took out a gun. Eli and I ran as fast as we could. They killed Miles. Miles was always my mom's favorite and she chased Eli and I out of the house. She kept telling us it was our fault. After that, I lived with Eli and his family."

  Violet looked at me and held my hand tight.

 "Everything will be okay." Violet said and hugged me.

 I held her tight.

 A week later, I was back at home. Violet and Evan were already at home.

 Violet ran up to me and I held her tight.

 "I missed you so much!" I said and held her tighter.

 "Mommy, tell him the news!" Evan cheered.

 "Evan, honey, go sit down." She said.

 I looked at her.

 "What news?"

 I could tell she was nervous.


 "Um... please don't be mad..."

 My eyes got wide.

 "Did you..."

 "No, no, nothing like that, Leo."

 I let out a sigh of relief.

 "I'm pregnant." She said quickly.


 "Leo, please don't go..."

 I pulled her close and held her.

 "You aren't mad?"

 "Wait, is the baby mine?"

 "Yes, Leo." She laughed.

 "Okay then no, I'm not mad." I said and kissed her.

 She smiled and kissed me back.

 "I'm going to call Eli." I smiled and walked to the kitchen.

 "YES!" I shouted and started dancing.

 "Babe, I can hear you." Violet laughed from the other room.

 "Oops." I laughed.

 She walked in and smiled.

 "Were you dancing?" She smirked.

 "No." I laughed.

 "Well, it's good that you're a horrible liar." She giggled and kissed my cheek.

 I laughed and held her hand.

 Evan ran into the kitchen with a cape.

 "What are you doing there, bud?" I asked.

 "Being you like mommy said." He cheered and ran around.

 I smiled and Violet.

 "Daddy's a superhero!" Evan shouted and ran back into the living room.

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