The Most Unexpected Places

Sometimes, you find things in the most unexpected places... and that's just fine.


4. 4.

  We crawled out of the tent and stretched.

 "How's your cheek?" I asked. 

 "It still hurts... but you know what makes things feel better?"

 I smiled and kissed her cheek.

 She blushed and held my hand.

 "So where did you want to go for our first date?" She smiled.

 "Do you like frozen yogurt?" I asked.

 "Who doesn't?"

 We went to the frozen yogurt and sat outside to eat it.

 "Close your eyes." She said.

 I felt something cold on my nose.

 I opened my eyes to see frozen yogurt on my nose.

 "You look so cute cross eyed." She giggled.

 "Hold up." I laughed.

 I crossed my eyes and stuck my tongue out.

 She laughed and put a spoon in my mouth.

 "Thanks." I laughed.

 I put some frozen yogurt on her nose and she smirked.

 I laughed and I held her hand from across the table.

 We talked for an hour and after that, we walked around.

 "Hey, Leo?"

 "Yeah?" I asked.

 "Would you maybe like to spend the night at my house tonight?"

 "Sure." I smiled.

 When I got to her house later that night, she was cooking dinner.

 Her house was amazing.

 A little boy ran downstairs.

 "Oh, sorry, that's my nephew, Evan. I'm watching him today."

 The little boy looked at me.

 "Evan, this is my boyfriend, Leo." She said.

 I crouched next to him.

 "Pound it." I laughed and made a fist.

  He shook my fist.

 "That's so cute." I laughed.

 Evan sat on the couch.

 "So this whole place is your's?" I asked.

 "Yeah." She said and continued cooking.

 "You need any help?"

 "Do you even know how to cook?" She laughed.

 "No, but there's a first time for everything, right?"

  After dinner was ready, we all sat at the table.

  The whole rest of the day, we played with Evan.

 "Time for bedtime, bud." Violet said.

 He crossed his arms.


 "What if we tell you a good night story?" I asked.

 "Deal." He said and went own the hall.

 He laid in bed while Violet and me sat next to him.

 "Once upon a time, there were three bears." I said.

 "Already heard it. Can you guys make one up?" He asked.

 "Sure." Violet smiled.

 As soon as he fell asleep, Violet and I went into the living room to watch a movie.

 She cuddled next to me and I wrapped my arm around her.

 "Are you tired?" Violet asked.

 "Yeah." I laughed.

 "Let's go to bed."

 "Hey, Violet?"

 "Yeah?" She asked.

 "Would it be okay if I slept on the couch? I don't want to pressure you or anything..."

 "If you want to." She said.

 I held her close and kissed her.

 "Goodnight." I smiled.

 "Goodnight." She smiled and kissed my cheek.

 Later that night,  I felt a tugging on my sleeve.

 I opened my eyes to see Evan.

 "Oh, hey bud. What are you doing up?" I asked.

 "Are you my new daddy?"

 "Wait, what?"

 "Are you my new daddy?" He repeated.

 "Why would I be your daddy?" I asked.

 "Mommy really likes you." He said.

 "You mean your aunt?"

 He shook his head.

 Violet came into the living room.

 "Evan, it's bedtime. Go get some sleep." She said.

 "Okay, mommy." Evan said and went down the hall.

 "Violet?" I asked.

 She looked at me.

 "Why did he call you mommy?" I asked.

 "Okay, okay, he's my son." She said.

 "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked.

 "It's a long story."

 I sat up and made room on the couch.

 "I have time."

 She sat next to me.

 "Tyler and I have been on and off for a while. He got me pregnant and then he left. About a few months ago, Tyler came back and he figured out he had a son, and.... he left again."

 I held her hand.

 "You know I'd never do that."

  She started crying tears of joy.

 I wiped her tears away.

 A few months have passed by and I was as happy as could be.

 I knocked on her door and Violet opened the door.

 "Hi." She smiled.

 "Hey." I said and kissed her.

 "DADDY!" Evan said and ran to me.

 "Hey bud." I smiled and picked him up.

 The timer rang.

 "Time to put the chicken in." She said and went into the kitchen.

 I set Evan down and crouched next to him.

 "Okay, so you know the plan?" I asked.

 He nodded.

 Violet came back in.

 "Can we play hide and seek?" He asked.

 "Sure." She smiled.

 "Okay it's me and mommy trying to find daddy." He said.

 They closed their eyes and I ran into Violet's room.

 I hid in the closet and shut the door behind me.

 After a few minutes, I heard them come into the room.

 "Mommy, look in the closet. I'll look in the drawers." Evan said.

 "I don't think he would fit in a drawer but okay." Violet laughed.

 I got on one knee and took the ring out right before she opened the door.

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