The Most Unexpected Places

Sometimes, you find things in the most unexpected places... and that's just fine.


3. 3.

 "Dude, just tell her how you feel."

"Eli, I can't do that."

 "Why not?"

 "Well, let's see. There's a list now. She has a boyfriend, her boyfriend hates me, I embarrassed her, she hates me, and here's the main reason; she's happy with him." I sighed.

 "Leo, take a chance for once in your life."

 "I tried skating to show off her boyfriend and I hit the wall. I think I've taken enough chances today."

 "At least apologize to her."

 I got up and went into the woods.

 Nobody was by the waterfall. 

 "Shit." I sighed and sat next to the water. 

 I looked at my reflection.

 "Why did I have to be so stupid?" I sighed and poked at the water.

 A person walked up behind me. I looked to see Charlie.
 "Oh hey." 

"Let's be honest here." He said and sat next to me.


 "I know you have feelings for Violet, okay? But she's mine, and if you try anything stupid, like at the rollerskating rink, I will beat your ass."

 I looked at him and he stood up.

 "She's mine, not your's." And with that, he left.

 I followed behind him silently.

 After he got out of the woods, Violet ran up to him.

 "Why were you back there?"

 "I told your little boyfriend to fuck off." Charlie growled.

 "He's not my boyfriend, Charlie. You are." Violet said.

 "I don't want you hanging out with him."

 "You aren't the boss of me. What are you afraid is going to happen anyways?"

 "I said stay away." Charlie growled.

 Violet stepped forward.


 Charlie slapped her across the face.

 "Fuck." I growled to myself and tackled Charlie to the ground.

 "Who the fuck do you think you are?!" I shouted in his face.

 "The boss!"

 "The boss?! The boss?! Are you fucking kidding me?! No, all you are is a douche who thinks he can control  everybody's lives!" 

 Charlie pushed me off and stood up.

 I stood up and pushed him.

 He pushed me back.

 I punched his jaw and he fell to the ground.

 "Don't EVER lay your hands on her again, you hear me?!" I shouted.

 He got up and ran off.

 Violet looked at me.

 I could tell she was scared out of her mind.

 "Look, Violet, I just came to say sorry about embarrassing you..."

 "Don't worry about it." She said shyly.

 There was a red mark on her cheek.

 I tried touching it but she backed up.

 "Violet... I'm not going to hurt you. Let me see how hard he hit you."

 "No..." Violet said and ran off.

 As soon as I got home, I slammed the front door and turned on the TV.

 I growled as I switched channels.

 Eli walked in and looked at me.

 "Who kicked you in the grumpy gut?" He asked and sat on the couch.

 "Grumpy gut?"

 "I tried but it didn't work. Anyways, what happened?"

 "Nobody was there so I sat down and Charlie came over threatening to kick my ass and I followed him and then this chimpanzee dick smacks Violet."


 "I beat his ass." I said.

 "Fuck yeah!" 

 "And now Violet is scared of me."

 There was a pause.

 "I can't be mad at her for that though. I get that she's kind of shocked after Charlie smacked her. But I'd never hurt her. She's amazing." I sighed.

 "Tell her that."

 I took out my phone.

  I sent the message and went into the closet. I rummaged through junk and Eli walked over to me.

 "What are you doing?"

 "I'm camping out. I know I had a tent."

 I found it and packed my stuff.

 "Can you watch this place?" I asked.

 He stared at me with a 'really?' type of look on his face.

 "You practically live here. Never mind." I said and left.

 I set up the tent near the waterfall. After everything was set up, I sat next to the water. I'd wait for Violet... even if it meant camping out in the woods for forty years.

 After a few hours, I heard twigs snapping. I looked up to see Violet.

 I ran over to her.

 "Violet, I need to tell you something."

 She hugged me and I held her tight.

 "Thank you."

 "No problem." I smiled.

 "What did you want to say?" She asked and sat by the water.

 I sat next to her and took a deep breath.

 "I like you."

 She looked at me with wide eyes.

 "What? Like as in..."

 "As in..." I said and got up.

 "Hold on." 

 I ran and picked a flower.

 I sat next to her again.

 "As in... will you go out with me?" I asked and handed her the flower.

 She smiled and kissed my cheek.

 "I'd love to."

 I smiled and put my arm around her.

 She leaned on me.

 She fell asleep and I smiled.

 I carried her to the tent and covered her with a blanket. I kissed her cheek and laid next to her. 

 I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

 I opened my eyes to see Violet still asleep.

 She opened her eyes and looked at me.

 "Dammit... I'm sorry I took all the blankets."

 "Don't be." I laughed.


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